Cashfree Payments encourages budding entrepreneurs


Cashfree Payments, a supplier of payments and API banking solutions, has launched a marketing campaign called “Yeh Mera Idea Tha,” which encourages budding entrepreneurs to take a chance and explore their long-held business ideas.

The ad was designed by Cashfree Payments around the premise of the relevance of payments in a startup’s growth path. We’ve all seen a new enterprise or company and thought to ourselves, “I had the same concept, it might have been me that started this business,” at some time in our lives.

As a result, the ‘Yeh Mera Concept Tha’ campaign includes a short clip that emphasizes the importance of having a solid business idea and the appropriate payment method to turn that idea into a reality.

“We are happy to begin our brand campaign and be a part of the growth path of future entrepreneurs who are full of new ideas,” said Reeju Datta, co-founder of Cashfree Payments.

With the ‘Yeh Mera Idea Tha’ campaign, we hope to establish ourselves as a one-stop-shop for payments and related concerns for founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and developers, while also building our brand to ensure top-of-mind recall within our target demographic.”

The ad focuses on India’s startup ecosystem, which has grown to become the world’s third-largest after the United States and China. Cashfree Payments is aiming for this startup and entrepreneurial mentality with “Yeh Mera Idea Tha,” a campaign that centers on the power of an idea.

Whenever an indigenous business enters the market, supporters are ready to claim that they were the first to think of the concept. ‘Yeh Mera Idea Tha’ is based on this concept.

‘Yeh Mera Idea Tha’ is a 360-degree campaign that uses TV commercials, social media, sweepstakes, webinars, and more to spread the concept of innovation across many touchpoints.

Cashfree Payments has also launched a “Yeh Mera Idea tha” contest for the startup community as part of the campaign. Up to Rs, 50 lakh in free credit is anticipated to be awarded to the best concept.

Cog Culture designed the ‘Yeh Mera Idea Tha’ campaign, which features TVF stars Naveen Kasturia and Badri Chavan in video films. “Taking a firm that’s revolutionizing the payment solutions industry via the mainstream and digital road for brand growth is the most thrilling experience,” stated Anoop Dixit, Founder Partner & CEO, Cog Culture.

We wanted to create something that every Indian could connect to the sensation of having an idea and then seeing it realized by someone else. For the audience, #YehMeraIdeaTha makes the communication relevant and entertaining. In reality, connectivity across TV, print, and digital are effortless.”

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