Celebrate the Month of Love with Haier: Irresistible offers, Unbelievable discounts

Celebrate the Month of Love with Haier: Irresistible offers, Unbelievable discounts
Celebrate the Month of Love with Haier: Irresistible offers, Unbelievable discounts
In the spirit of love, Haier India presents a thoughtfully curated lineup of innovative and stylish home appliances, seamlessly merging elegance with practicality. To make the day of love even more special, Haier India has introduced exciting offers across their range of appliances: 
  • Special cashback of up to 20%
  • Long Tenure Warranty up to 18 Months
  • Fixed EMI Starting at INR 994* (available across all major banks except RBL)
  • Zero deposit scheme for appliances
These discount offers are available to customers throughout the entire month of February 2024 and can be availed of across all online and offline retail channels.
Some of the premium Haier appliances on offer this Valentine’s Day include –
Haier Microwave Ovens – Infusing Love into Every Dish
Ignite culinary passion this Valentine’s Day with the Haier Microwave Oven, seamlessly blending sleek design and cutting-edge technology to turn your kitchen into a haven of love and delicious creations. Boasting 400 Auto-cook preset menu options, the microwave ensures even beginners can effortlessly prepare favorite meals using auto-cooking programs. The Haier Microwave Oven also offers a healthier cooking experience with features like low-temperature control for frying without excessive oil, saving up to 30% of your time through a combination of convection, Grill mode, and Microwave function. 
So, this Valentine’s Day, opt for the Haier Microwave Oven as your gifting choice and let love and flavor effortlessly come together in your kitchen.
Haier Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Effortless Love, Spotless Spaces
Show your love by gifting the Haier Robot Vacuum Cleaner—a modern marvel that brings ease and efficiency to your daily chores. This intelligent cleaning companion ensures your home remains a haven of comfort and cleanliness effortlessly. The Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner features WiFi Connectivity, Google Assistant & Alexa assistance, and a long-lasting battery, allowing you to operate it through smart voice control and app control. So, this Valentine’s Day, let the Haier Robot Vacuum Cleaner sweep away the mundane, leaving you with more time to create cherished memories.
Haier Wine Chiller – A Toast to Forever Love
Cherish moments of togetherness with a glass of perfectly chilled wine from our Haier Wine Chiller. Designed to preserve the richness of your favorite wines, this appliance adds a touch of elegance to your celebrations. Our Wine Cellars retain the taste of the wine longer due to a low vibration compressor. The intelligently designed interior LED lighting system consumes less energy than conventional systems and does not emit any heat, maintaining a perfect ambient temperature in your wine cellar. Let the Haier Wine Chiller be the perfect companion for your romantic escapades this Valentine’s Day.