Celebrating the extraordinary stories of ordinary men


The Man Company brings an exciting new campaign, Hall of Gentlemen

The campaign will honour three phenomenal gentlemen: Helmet Man of India Raghavendra Kumar, Superhero of Jabalpur Parag Diwan and Jaipur’s Ray of Hope Gautam Khandelwal

08, December, 2021: The journey from self-love to selfless love truly defines a gentleman. Against this backdrop, India’s leading homegrown men’s essential brand, The Man Company, has launched a long-standing intellectual property of The Man Company inaugurated with the sole purpose to pay homage to these fine gentlemen who came out of their comfort zones to help others.

This latest initiative honours the astounding life journey of common men doing uncommon work and positively impacting society by taking a few instrumental steps. The activation begins with the amazing stories of three noteworthy heroes: Helmet Man of India Raghavendra Kumar, Superhero of Jabalpur Parag Diwan and Jaipur’s Ray of Hope Gautam Khandelwal. The brand will continue introducing one such unsung hero working genuinely to give back to society every month.

Raghavendra Kumar, popularly known as the Helmet Man of India, left practicing Law and started giving free helmets to motorcyclists or two-wheeler owners riding without a helmet. Hailing from Greater Noida, Raghavendra’s life took a turn when his good friend met with a road accident that proved fatal because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. This small gesture of goodness by Raghavendra has a significant impact on society. He has also started a free library for kids and adults alike to entertain themselves with tons of knowledge.

Parag Diwan, is fondly called the Superhero of Jabalpur. Fulfilling his mother’s dream, Parag feeds and teaches underprivileged people near Narmada Ghat and encourages them to dream big. Finally, Jaipur’s Ray of Hope, Gautam Khandelwal, left his high-paid corporate job to teach and help people in rural communities in sectors like education, health and livelihood.

The brand aims to donate 10% of their sale proceeds of limited edition Honour EDT to support the selfless journey of these gentlemen.

Speaking on this latest development, Hitesh Dhingra, Founder, The Man Company said, “This campaign is extremely close to our hearts. While self-love is a huge part of a gentleman’s life, it is his journey from self-love to selfless love that truly emboldens the spirit of a gentleman. Through the Hall of Gentlemen, we aspire to celebrate the extraordinary stories of ordinary men in the retrospect of their selfless deeds.”

Hitesh Dhingra, Founder, The Man Company further added, “We have always believed and worked on the principles of harmonious diversity, and our Hall of Gentlemen debutantes are no different. We simply want to convey that gentlemen come in all sizes and shapes, and even the perfect gentlemanly brilliance can be scarred with common mistakes or innuendos. Being a gentleman doesn’t mean you are perfect. It simply means you continue to try your best, especially when it comes to giving back selfless love. We are asking people, if you know a story, something that can motivate others, then get in touch with us. We’ll follow up on the story. This is an exciting new venture for us, and we hope to get consumers on board.”

The brand is calling out the gentleman who took the high road of self-love to selfless-love, anyone can share the details email on [email protected] or directly register via the brand’s website https://www.themancompany.com/pages/hall-of-gentleman and get an opportunity to motivate millions of people to make a substantial change in their life.

Gautam Khandelwal: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXNijweskZG/

Raghavendra Kumar: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXK8a4jhy6S/

Parag Diwan: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXIaR0Eh1Ug/



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