Center fresh introduces ‘Dil Ki Baat Zubaan Pe’ in latest TVC


Center fresh over the years has consolidated it’s position as India’s leading chewing gum and mint brand positioned on the platform of fresh breath confidence.  The brand has been at the fore-front of innovation within the category backed by launch of Center fresh mints, Rs.10 mint candy in a stylish pocket-friendly dispenser and Center fresh 3-layer gum, a long-lasting three layered gum product in a multi-pack which has tear-refold packaging.  These launches have helped expand the choice for refreshment seeking consumers apart from the popular liquid filled gum available in a mono-pack of Re.1

The refreshment category of gums & mints, wherein Center fresh is a key brand is now seeing a resurgence in sales with increase in social occasions post the third-wave of the pandemic. The brand has refreshed it’s core communication to aid top-of-mind awareness for it’s audience during this period of increased footfalls out-of-home.   

In accordance with the spirit of these times, Center fresh hasreinterpreted its popular ‘Fresh breath confidence’ positioning and takes it a step further to – “Dil Ki Baat Zubaan Pe” in it’s new TVC.

The brand as always has the youth at the center of its communication with a demonstrated history of having a pulse on what makes young India tick. The new TVC stays true to this approach and showcases the brand as an enabler of confidence to help speak your heart out.

The storyline of the new TVC showcases two young adults in a classroom where the female protagonist and her friend are trying to find keys of her bike. The male protagonist happens to see it lying on the floor but is hesitant to speak out because of his feelings for her. At this moment, Center fresh gum consumption not only helps him gather the confidence to approach her with the missing keys but also ask her to spend the history class next to him in a truly unexpected & charming gesture! This sweet gesture helps the male lead get a positive acknowledgement from the girl apart from helping her get the keys back. This gum-induced confidence truly breaks the ice and helps him say what he feels out loud – “Dil Ki Baat Zubaan Pe.

The real impact of the TVC, conceptualised by Ogilvy India is in its execution in a relatable classroom setting for young college-goers and its clear call to action.

Commenting on the new film, Rohit Kapoor – Director Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle, India said, “Center fresh has consistently emerged as India’s most trusted brand in the confectionery segment. Consumer love and adulation for the brand has helped it emerge from the challenges posed by the pandemic and reduced out-of-home consumption occasions of the last two years. Center fresh hence has started the year with a strong sales performance and we felt it was only appropriate to go one step further on our positioning with a new tag-line and theme communication. This ad spot duly brings alive a new tag-line “Dil ki Baat Zubaan Pe” .

This new TVC will be on-air with a high impact TV plan on popular TV channels, followed by amplification on key digital platforms and an Out Of Home (OOH) campaign in key cities across India.”

Anurag Agnihotri, Managing Partner-Creative, (Mumbai) Ogilvy, India said: How does a Gen-Z boy strike a conversation with a Gen-Z girl in a classroom where the session is about to start ? How about, “Will you spend the History class with me?” That’s what the new Center Fresh TVC is all about, of course with a twist & deeply rooted in reality. Firmly connected to the youngest of us, giving them confidence to say it like they feel it.  In other words staying true to the new tag-line, ‘Dil ki baat zubaan pe.’