CoinSwitch upgrades LGBTQ+ benefits for employees


September, 2022, India: CoinSwitch, India’s largest crypto investing company, has enhanced its LGBTQ+ benefits with  financial support for gender reassignment surgery. The policy will reimburse medical costs up to Rs 2 lakh.

The benefit is an addition to the pre-existing initiative aimed toward driving better inclusivity within the company. CoinSwitch’s best-in-class insurance policy also covers same-sex partners.

The unicorn has LGBTQIA+ ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) to promote awareness and provide a platform to facilitate open-minded discussion.

“We are a new-age company with a diverse workforce. We constantly revisit our policies from a lens of inclusivity and roll out initiatives which empower employees in ways that matter the most. We encourage them to be their whole selves and be their best versions at work. This benefit allows us to come a step closer in achieving it,” said Zeeshan Ramlan, Director and Head—HR, CoinSwitch.

CoinSwitch, a certified Great Place to Work®, recently announced a 34-week maternity leave, more than the 26 weeks mandated by the Indian government (read more), pet care benefits (Read here), a wellness package that includes reimbursements for OTT subscriptions, alongside gym, yoga or zumba membership.The company also offers a host of other benefits  including paid leaves for charity work, a raise in bereavement leaves from 5 days to two weeks, mandatory recharge days, paid leave on birthday, wedding anniversary, among others.