Colors Bangla rings in the Bengali new year with “Baisakhe Bajimat”


National, 12th April 2022:– The first day of the Bengali calendar is celebrated as Poila Boishakh, also known as Bangla Noboborsho. Poila Boishakh, being the first day of the new year, is celebrated by Bengalis all over as it marks a fresh start, a dawn of new hope and aspirations.

Bringing together the ideals of Poila Baishak & Colors Bangla’s ‘Notun Swapner Rong’, the channel brings in “Baisakhe Bajimat”. Partaking in the festivities of every family, Colors Bangla will add a dash of colour this Poila Baisakh with a specially curated line up of shows starting 15th April to 18th April.  Baisakhe Bajimat will bring about the small win in the life of the female protagonists for a better tomorrow. Summed up by the new tagline- Notun Swapner Rong, the brand stands for the dreams and the aspirations of the new Bengali consumer, who would never give up on the face of adversities but grow stronger. Baisakhe Bajimat will focus on how the dreams and aspirations of our protagonists get fulfilled.

The various shows will showcase the small wins in their lives be it Mou’s first step towards WBCS exams or Gauri’s fight to prove Rudra’s innocence or Durga’s big win against Rajnandini or the triumph of love in Anondi and Dr Anubhab’s life. In Mon Mane Na, Gauri and Boro Ma are at loggerheads. While Boro Ma tries to get Rudra killed, Gauri stands as a shield in front of Rudra and saves his life. This is Gauri’s first fight where Rudra is on the path of redemption and Boro Ma will not allow that. Gauri’s fight to prove Rudra’s innocence begins. In Mou er Bari, Mou and Rupam’s relationship gets distant. Meanwhile Sourjo has taken up Mou’s parents’ responsibility which creates a stir in Rupam’s heart as he feels Sourjo has replaced Rupam’s place in Mou’s life. Mou’s graduation exams have started. Instead of Rupam, Sourjo is taking Mou to the examination hall. The insurance money comes in and there is a change in financial scenario in Subimal’s side of family. Meanwhile Mou receives the scholarship programme abroad and deicides to take up the opportunity as all other problems have sorted within the house. Rupam finds out the date of WBCS exams and brings the form along but cannot find Mou at home. Mou is at the airport and is determined to leave. Rupam reaches the airport and is finally able to stop Mou from going away and hands over the WBCS form and tells her that she might get away from Rupam but she should not go away from her biggest dream, her parents’ dream. In Teen Shaktir Aadhar Trishul Rajnandini unknowingly endorses the sari made by Durga and goes there as the chief guest. Rajnandini is felicitated in the event and she becomes very happy. Later she feels defeated when she learns the truth. In Sona Roder Gaan love triumphsover everything. Anondi though hesitant about accepting Dr. Anubhab’s proposal, in the end she accepts. Two of them mutually express their love for each other. In Jai Jagannath Lakshmi is angry on Balaram, as he refusesto build her idolinside the temple. Lakshmi feels that she is being ignored and thus creates ruckus. In the end Jagannath and Balaram agree to this. A family is always incomplete without the presence of a woman. In the same way, Lakshmi holds the family together and thus this event is established through the show.

Speaking on Baisakhe Bajimat Sagnik Ghosh, Business Head, Colors Bangla said, “We have created “Baisakhe Bajimat” to bring in the optimism and positivity in the minds of the viewers through our protagonists. The content line-up has been curated to showcase the journey of our protagonists who never give up in the face of adversity. We’re ecstatic to be able to provide such an intriguing roster of shows that will bring entertainment and a diverse range of content that will keep families engaged and happy in this festive spirit.”

Celebrate this Bengali New Year with our Colors Bangla family from 15th April to 18th April with Baisakhe Bajimat!!