Colors Marathi launches “Project KYC- Know Your Child” for “Aai Mayecha Kawach”


Conducted to study Parent – Child relationship

~ A quantitative study to understand the teenager

psychology/behavior/consideration pattern

~ A go – to handbook on all things for marketers & custodians

~ Caters Maharashtra’s pockets Metro & Non – Metro cities

Mumbai 29th December 2021: COLORS Marathi has been ruling the hearts of Maharashtra for more than two decades now. It has been the preferred channel for its variety in content. Continuing this legacy COLORS Marathi for the first time is launching a story which speaks about a Single Mother – Daughter relationship, their learning and Journey. The show will focus on the current issues faced by a Parent and Child. As an extension of its marketing activity for this show COLORS Marathi first time conducted a research- “Project KYC- Know Your Child” in Maharashtra and different Metro & Non-Metro pockets which includes – Mumbai, Pune, Akola, Kolhapur, Solapur, Mumbai & Thane region. Theresearch was conducted by Sixth Sense Global and will be a go – to handbook on all things for marketers & custodians and will provide a comprehensive overview of Parent – Child relationship pertaining to Maharashtrians. This In-depth quantitative study on Parent Child relation and parameters which affect this relation such as parent Child Bond, Trust, Communication & Financial Needs.

The study was conducted across regions to understand the behavioral pattern of different demographics- boys’ vs girls, Metro vs non-Metro, below 18 vs above. Metros and small cities of Maharashtra revealed some intriguing insights on the Parent Teenager relationship. Mothers were interviewed through a structured questionnaire separately to build feedback on the aspects of BOND, TRUST, COMMUNICATION, INDIVIDUALITY OF PARENT AND FINANCIAL UNDERSTANDING within their relationship.

On conducting Statewide study to learn more about Parent Teen relationship and contribute on the creative front Aniket Joshi, Business Head, Colors Marathi said, “2021 is a year which changed many things on personal and professional front of many people, this is also the contributor to the changes in the relationship. This research is pivotal which will help us to add the value in creative front. Parent and Teen relations are ever changing, and this research will help in the long run for show messaging and will help the brand to develop strong bonding with audience.”

Viraj Raje Programming Head Colors Marathi Said, “We all know one of the purest bonds in this universe is that of a mother-child,” said Viraj Raje, Programming Head Colors Marathi. He further added, “Her unconditional love for her child is irreplaceable. However, in today’s world, we see that this bond is rapidly changing, whether it is between a mother and a son or a mother and a daughter. This shift can be attributed to a variety of factors in our society. As a parent or a child, we never noticed this problem or what is missing in the relationship. To study this most important aspect of the Parent-Child relationship, Colors Marathi conducted a KYC study across Maharashtra for the first time, which will also help us on the creative front.”

Aai Mayecha Kawach is a bold story of a single mother and her journey to connect & really know her daughter she thinks she knows. Love is a great emotion and the love of a mother towards her children is selfless love. A show promising a unique concept showcasing mother–daughter relationship, drama and a healthy dose of realism about the journey of parenthood. The show is the journey of a self-respecting, disciplined mother and her daughter and compromises of mysteries. It will be interesting to see what happens in the life of mother and daughter that changes their life completely.


Parents – Teens Bond

We can’t admire our kids beyond a point because then they would take us casually. Sometimes I have to be reserved             – Mother of 18-year-old from Nagpur  

In any relationship bond and trust builds with strong communication. As per the research 18+ teenager have high relative bonding than then below 18. Whereas 2 out of 3 teens claims a strong bond. 67% teenager said, “we admire our parents” and 57% “we are admired parent”. When we see the same in small cities, we that teens shows relative Lack of Admiration, steady relationships compared to metros. 82% “we respect our parents” TEENAGER. 63% “we are respected” PARENTS. 2 out of 5 Girls also ready to leave their families.

Today’s children don’t have the same values and behavior which we used to have. The entire society has changed             – Mother of 14-year-old from Mumbai  

 THE Parent Teenager Chemistry

Every individual has their own opinion, and this affects their action and reaction. The GAP within Communication does bring in TRUST and BOND differences between Teenagers with their parents. Modern Day Parents are not spending a quality time with their teens and discussion is only limited to moral values or academics. Exchange of Ideas doesn’t happen often. Parents are also not sure on solving their children problems.


Its been a long my parents have spent time with me in watching movies. They are generally busy but still I do understand they are working.                – 19 years teenager from Aurangabad  

The research found that interesting facts which parents and child are not aware of. 66% “our parents will not ridicule our problems & deal with it” TEENAGER. 49% “we will not ridicule their problems” PARENTS. Only 2 in 5 teens discuss new ideas or watch a movie together. 3 in 5 Teens have a strong communication with parents whereas 34% Teens feels Parents “Control” them.

You can’t take away control from a parent, she is supposed to keep track of children. We love our children and want them to do things based our experience. Still how we used to get controlled and how we control has changed.             – Mother of 21-year-old from Nashik