COLORS Marathi to launch two riveting tales this festive season “Tujhya Rupacha Chandana” & “Aai”


~ Starting December 27th, Tujhya Rupacha Chandana to air at 9.30 pm & Aai to air at 10.00 pm, replacing Bigg Boss Marathi ~

Mumbai 24th December 2021: Dedicated to its promise of showcasing non-stop quality entertainment, COLORS Marathi will endow viewers with two captivating shows – Tujhya Rupacha Chandana and Aai, premiering on December 27th. The new fiction shows will add hues of drama, action and romance to primetime programming on Marathi television, with Tujhya Rupacha Chandana airing at 9.30 pm and Aai airing at 10.00 pm, from Monday to Saturday only on COLORS Marathi.

Commenting on the new show launch, Aniket Joshi, Business Head Colors Marathi said, “At COLORS Marathi we have been showcasing variety of content and our focus has been to introduce our viewers to impactful stories. We have even launched Bigg Boss Marathi which had a phenomenal response across Maharashtra. In keeping with the channel’s ethos of realistic stories we are excited to launch two new shows Tujhya Rupacha Chandana and Aai. Aai is a story of a single mother on a quest to connect & know her daughter well while Tujhya Rupacha Chandana is the story of Nakshatra, an outcast in her village, but there is more about her than meets the eye. With the launch of these two shows we are also replacing thenonfiction slot with fiction shows.”

Tujhya Rupacha Chandana ” is the story of a girl called Nakshatra whose childhood was spent in the belief that it is a curse to be born beautiful in a poor family. In a society like ours Nakshatra must live her life behind a veil of ugliness to protect her virtue. But what will happen when Datta, who hates beauty, meets Nakshatra? Can Nakshatra turn Datta’s hatred into love?

Aai is a bold story of a single mother and her journey to connect & really know her daughter she thinks she knows. Love is a great emotion and the love of a mother towards her children is selfless love. A show promising a unique concept showcasing mother–daughter relationship, drama and a healthy dose of realism about the journey of parenthood. The show is the journey of a self-respecting, disciplined mother and her daughter and compromises of mysteries. It will be interesting to see what happens in the life of mother and daughter that changes their life completely.

Viraj Raje, Programming Head, COLORS Marathi said, “After the tremendous success of Bigg Boss Marathi season 3, we thought of replacing this with stellar shows with a gripping storyline. Both the stories are heart wrenching and with these we are trying to convey an important social message. Our philosophy from the onset has been to bring only the best-in-class shows and with this COLORS Marathi promises viewers edge-of-the-seat entertainment and extension of the prime time for our fiction shows.”

Portraying Aai character Bhargavi Chirmule Said, “I’m playing the role of the mother Meenakshi Kunte who loves her daughter dearly. The audience here will get to see a very different journey of mother and daughter. We think of mother as God, but she is also a human being in the end, so even if her mistakes continue, she never lets her grief reach the children, and I think this is what Meenakshi is doing in this series.”

Kailash Adhikari (Producer of Tujhya Rupacha Chandana) Said, “We are extremely excited to bring to our audiences “Tujhya Rupacha Chandana”. It’s a gripping tale of Human emotions very beautifully told from the eyes of Nakshatra. Audiences are in store for a unique love story which will certainly have high resonation. The story will also creatively address certain very pivotal societal issues. We are proud to be associated with Colors Marathi on this exciting journey and look forward to a great relationship.” 

Mahesh Kothare (Producer of Aai) said, “I have a very close relationship with the Colors Marathi family, and I am proud to be reunited with this family once again through this show. We are bringing a unique story- a story that deals with today’s issues, be it a child’s issue or parents’ issue. The series is based on how much parents and children know each other. We had to face many challenges in dealing with this issue, but we are still making this series with utmost diligence and love. We hope the audience will enjoy our series and this effort.”

Do watch “Tujhya Rupacha Chandana – Garibaghari Saundarya Hye Shaap Asata” and “Aai – Mayecha Kavach” starting from 27th December 9.30 pm & 10 pm respectively on Colors Marathi!!!