#Committolove with Platinum Love Bands

#Committolove with Platinum Love Bands

24th November 2022: Love has undergone a transformation and for young couples today it stands for a set of qualities that they no longer want to compromise on. Anchored in partnership and a sense of equivalence, young couples aspire to be each other’s friends first. Going above and beyond the norm, being the loudest cheerleader in the room, extending unconditional support when it comes to it, accepting and yet pushing each other to do better are just some of the codes that modern love is based on. The bedrock of progressive relationships is a sense of shared responsibilities, dreams & having each other’s back. Platinum Days of Love celebrates this love and nudges couples to commit to it, with Platinum Love Bands. Because a love like this is truly rare and should be marked with a precious metal that is equally rare — Platinum.

Launched in the midst of the wedding season the brands campaign #CommitToLove celebrates the myriad values of modern love. The first film revolves around a couple about to meet the boy’s extended family for the first time. The girl being the older one is visibly nervous and apprehensive about his family accepting the 5-year age gap in their relationship. This is when he reassures her with a poignant line “The only number up for discussion today is our wedding date; the age gap doesn’t count; our love does”. Having successfully reassured her & laid her biggest fear to rest, they stride forward on their new journey together. When difficult conversations make love stronger – it’s a love you want to commit to, a love that is truly rare. 

The second film opens with a married couple getting ready for a celebratory dinner at home for their first anniversary. The wife voices her apprehension about her mother coming to live with them. It’s obviously something they haven’t discussed before & yet circumstances today have led them here.  Her doubts are met with an endearing gesture from her husband- a keychain that he has ready for her mother with the words “Amma” engraved on it, his way of making their home – her mother’s too. The words “Don’t worry, your mom, my “Amma” will feel right at home. If it matters to you, it matters to me as well” strengthen the campaign’s core message of being in sync & in step with each other, making their love one that is rare.
The campaign is aimed at building the brand saliency & driving consideration further in the all-important season for the jewellery category

Speaking on this initiative, Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director, PGI India said, “Platinum love bands have always been about key milestones in the relationship journey, those are the occasions that we want to own as a brand. Given the affinity that platinum enjoys amongst the younger audiences – this campaign captures a slice of modern love & qualities that couples seek out today. #CommitToLove seemed like the apt nudge given the marriage season” 

Further adding inputs, Vishnu Srivastava, National Creative Director, 22Feet Tribal Worldwide,One of the biggest considerations for this campaign is how we depict love and commitment in modern times. Because the idea of commitment evolves.  And while Platinum Love Bands are an eternal symbol of rare love, it’s also a brand that’s contemporary and young. So, we were glad to tell timeless tales with a modern lens.”

These digital films by Platinum Days of Love are a part of the larger #CommitToLove integrated campaign spanning TV, Print, Digital & Social. The campaign is also supported by a content collaboration with Femina roping in leading Bollywood actors Richa Chadha & Ali Fazal and South actors Nikki Galrani and Aadhi  Pinisetty to drive deeper affinity.  

The latest collection of Platinum Love Bands by Platinum Days of Love is available across 1500+ leading jewellery retail stores in India.