Consumers are looking for the next big item- Mehernosh Pithawalla


Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Co. Ltd. (G&B), the Godrej Group’s flagship company, has played an important role in India’s economic history by navigating excellence in manufacturing and design, thereby providing long-term value to its communities and stakeholders.
As of FY2021, it brought in more than Rs 11,500 crore. With more than 14,000 committed workers, it has a significant and varied presence across 10 industries, from complex engineering solutions to consumer goods like furniture, appliances, and security solutions, and each day it makes a positive difference in the lives of one-third of India’s population. The company’s goods have also helped it create a strong global presence on five continents.

G&B is a business that is motivated by ideals and is renowned for both its integrity and for having a keen social conscience. It has aided in creating a company culture that is sympathetic and geared toward empowering individuals, teams, and the communities in which G&B operates.

A compassionate corporate culture has been established at G&B, a values-driven organization known for its honesty and commitment to the communities in which it operates. G&B has continually been acknowledged as one of India’s most reputable businesses because of this.

How has Godrej & Boyce’s journey over the past century gone?

Godrej & Boyce has spent the past 125 years building strong ties with India’s drive for independence. The business has introduced a number of firsts in India, including locks, safes, refrigerators, almirahs, and typewriters. It has also developed clean technology and provided crucial components for India’s missions to the moon and mars. The company’s steadfast dedication to the causes of sustainability and community development has also played a crucial role in its development.

What marketing strategies is Godrej & Boyce doing to target its stakeholders? What are the company’s newest marketing initiatives, such as the 125 Days of Festive Competition?

Our brand’s emphasis for our current marketing initiatives has abruptly switched to conversion, reaching out to a bigger audience, and building brand memory using mass media. Throughout the holiday season, we executed effective print, digital, and OTT advertisements that highlighted our diverse product offers and a carefully designed customer offer to capitalize on the happy mood.
Various brands under the aegis of Godrej & Boyce, such as Godrej Appliances, Godrej Security Solutions, Godrej Locks, and Godrej Interior, are known to offer attractive discounts, cashback incentives, and more during the festive season. Godrej & Boyce ensured that its consumers had a grand festive celebration this year as the flagship company of the Godrej Group celebrated its 125th year. Customers could not only choose from an array of innovative and new products with exciting offers, but they could also enter a lucky draw and win a cash reward of up to Rs 1 lakh daily. Every day, 125 lucky entries won cash prizes of up to Rs 1 lakh.

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