Contact Marketing- The new buzz word


Marketing as a function has been evolving all these years and new and new terminologies have evolved over a period of time. The latest buzz word doing the rounds in Contact Marketing. Trying to figure out what is it? We at Passionate in Marketing ( will help you to decode what is Contact Marketing.

It’s a common frustration in business: You want to meet a big prospect, but how do we do it? How do you get past the obstacles in your path? According to Stu Heinecke, getting your foot in the door, and then creating a relationship starts with a strategy based on what he calls “Contact Marketing.”

Contact Marketing is basically a fusion of marketing and selling and is a tool which is generally used to connect to high value prospects. The high value prospects basically includes people like CEOs, CMOs and all the other C level executives and decision makers. Contact marketing involves employing specific campaigns targeted at these top level people of an organization.

Contact marketing can be defined in other ways as a discipline of using micro-focused campaigns to break through specific people of strategic importance. The contact marketer will have to face impossible odds and the objective would be to produce a critical sale or forge strategic partnerships.

Off late we have heard about some outrageous examples where organizations try to connect with someone. For e.g. sending a single shoe with the promise that the other pair will be shown when the proposed meeting takes place or sending a remote control toy car without the remote. Though this may create a impact and open some doors but this usually does not work and qualify to be the state of the art contact marketing. In Contact Marketing campaigns, the target group is usually quite small and sometimes it may be just a single person. The above mentioned instances may result in getting appointments but to sustain the call is the key. The cost spent on meeting each person can be quite high but studies show that the response rate to contact marketing campaigns is quite high.



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