Covid-19 pandemic: Data analytics in retail stores in United States


Covid-19 pandemic hit hard the US as we can see that the death rates there crossed 70000 as on date. The world super power is struggling a lot to control the epidemic. The US economy has shrunk and the unemployment figures has increased to the 38 million. The world’s largest consumer market is now using Data analytics to identify whether their stores are safe to open in the pandemic.

A Texas- based IWMS (Integrated Workspace Management System) firm Tango, introduced a retail location- visualization tool which helps in identifying whether the retail store was exposed to virus in any situation. A store reopening after the lockdown have to ascertain that they were not exposed to corona virus. The Tango’s tool helps in identifying it.

Before opening their store, the retailers have to figure out how much their stores are exposed and how the relative exposure of their location impacts the re-opening strategy. To answer this, flow of COVID-19 cases in the geographies where the stores are located should be understood. Tango use its tool to identify the Case exposure by brand locations and also by category locations.

Tool draws up a map-based representation of COVID-19 affected areas in the US where the stores are operating and then provides this information to the retailers and the retailers can look at the report and make a conclusion whether to re-open their stores. Since the pandemic hit hard in US, it’s very difficult for the authorities and the citizens to analyse their vulnerability. Tango’s tool visualizes the locations on a map and help to identify the exposure per million cases in the countries where the stores are located. Users can zoom it to the state level and can see whether their locations are also shaded.

Tango is making the tool available to other business also including clothing and F&B. The tool can be used by a US- based firm having a minimum of 25 branches and covers all American countries. States like South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Colorado, Montana and Oklahoma will lift the lockdown orders on coming Sunday and the stores have to open and start their operations. Tango’s tool is a benefit to the retailers and other users and underlines the importance and rapid growth of Data analytics in our society.