Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co: Introduces gender-neutral campaign #OwlForAll


~Elevate your everyday basics and invest in plant-based products with the brand’s gender-fluid collection~

Crazy owl – Your skin Co, a personal care brand, recently launched its campaign #OwlForAll with the goal of creating a community in which preconceptions are shed by being genuine and true to oneself. Products should not discriminate. Skin is skin. Hair is hair. Scents are genderless. #OwlForAll is for All ages. All genders. All humans. Show your love and join the gender-neutral movement by participating in the #OwlForAll Campaign. 

New age consumers simply consider effective, efficient and efficacy based products while making a purchase for themselves since they feel that skin, hair, fragrance are genderless. As a result of this cultural shift, Crazy Owl has put inclusiveness at the forefront of their business strategies and reflecting this in the variety of products they sell. They  also believe that transition in marketing and packaging is a strong move to build a connection with the current consumer as gender fluidity becomes the norm.

The Co-founder of Crazy Owl, Daman Kohli shared, “Our philosophy is to wear the smell that one enjoys. One uses the item they enjoy. Gender is not a factor in the decision. We are thrilled to share our #OwlForAll campaign concept, which aims to create a community in which stereotypes are broken down by being genuine and true to oneself.”

As we are in the twenty-first century, let’s stop labelling products and instead come out of that stereotypical mindset and embrace ourselves beyond our genders. Especially with Crazy Owl, just wear the fragrance that suits your personality. 

Their #OwlForAll campaign was started with the intention of dispelling misconceptions and taking a step towards a better tomorrow! 

To learn more about the products offered by the brand:


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