CRED has reinstated its Income Tax Reward


CRED, a trust-based community of individuals, companies, and organisations, will alleviate one financial load on the day of the Union Budget 2022. CRED will award taxpaying residents who pay their credit card bills via the platform for fiscally prudent behaviour on February 1.

Individuals who pay their credit card bills on CRED during the budget session will be rewarded with a total return of their income tax filing for the fiscal year 2020-2021.

This project intends to incentivise timely bill payments because the session comes amid the average credit card payment cycle.

CRED members who submitted their taxes for 2020-2021 are eligible for this chance. Indian individuals who are not CRED members can download the app and quickly check their credit scores to take advantage of this option.

They can preserve their credit card information in advance after their credit ratings have been obtained from third-party bureaus. Members may get this prize simply by paying their credit card bills using the CRED app on the day of the Union Budget (February 01, 2022).

One lucky winner would be eligible for a prize equal to 100 per cent of their income tax for the fiscal year 2020-21, up to a maximum of Rs 10,00,000.

Last year’s awardee, Abhinav Gupta, stated, “When I initially received the message from CRED, I assumed it was a scam. I didn’t believe it until I checked my CRED app and saw that my name was the winner and that the whole amount of my IT returns had been refunded back to me.

Receiving 100 per cent refunds on my income tax returns was satisfying. It is encouraging to know that financially responsible behaviour, such as taxpaying, is rewarded, and we may look forward to these benefits on CRED.”

This lucrative chance is one of many additional incentives. CRED provides its users through the app to foster financial responsibility in the community.

CRED assists its members in improving their financial relationships and gaining financial security. It also assists them in turning credit card payments into enjoyable rather than dreadful experiences.

Tanmay Bhatt, a lifestyle blogger and stand-up comedian, has also joined CRED for a live session on his YouTube channel to debate the Union Budget 2022.

Aside from cashbacks, members may also take advantage of unique discounts, particularly CRED curated items on Store, once-in-a-lifetime trip experiences, and unique financial products established by reliable institutions for trustworthy CRED members.

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