CROCS Introduces the New Mega Crush Clog & Echo Clog Collection

CROCS Introduces the New Mega Crush Clog & Echo Clog
CROCS Introduces the New Mega Crush Clog & Echo Clog

New Delhi, India 28th November 2022– Crocs, Inc., is a worldwide leader in innovative casual footwear, is going to launch its yet another silhouette on 15th October 2022 – The Classic Mega Crush Clog after a successful launch of the Echo Clog on 5th October 2022 – As part of the month of Croctober to commemorate the brand’s 20-year milestone and continuing to embrace innovation and break the boundaries of molded design. A disruptive and bold take on the Classic Clog, the Echo Clog, the Mega Crush Clog represents the most expressive height from Crocs thus far. This new silhouette is the pinnacle self-expression that lives at the intersection of style and sport, featuring a bold height and rubber outsole, clip wraparound Croslite midsole, and a full Croslite upper offering.

Classic Mega Crush Clog

The Classic Mega Crush Clog is the newest member of the Crush collection and a fashion-forward classic that will take your style to new heights. The silhouette utilizes a bold design language, 61mm of height-and innovative construction to create the perfect fusion of fashion and sport.

Disruptive and bold, both the upper and the heel strap can be personalized with Jibbitz™ charms and is the perfect vehicle for maximum self-expression. The Mega Crush Clog is an evolution of exaggerated platform and style that make it an innovative exploration into the realm of height.

Launching on October 15th, 2022, the eye-catching silhouette will be available in three unique and chic colorways – Bone, Black, and White.

Echo Clog

The Echo Clog is crafted with the sports lifestyle consumer in mind, building an organic design language with streetwear at its core. Featuring a dynamic silhouette that represents a new design language for the brand, the Echo Clog drives distinction with an emphasis on innovative sculpting and cutting-edge exoskeletal design that evokes a sense of movement through its bold, fast form. With Croslite™ construction and a LiteRide™ drop-in footbed that’s visible through the dynamic frame of the shoe, the Echo Clog allows consumers to make a style statement without compromising on practicality and comfort. Utilitarian details such as the turbo backstrap and heel capture provide added value and tactility. Furthermore, each pair features 14 Jibbitable holes, providing ample opportunities for personalization and unbridled self-expression through Jibbitz™ charms.

Officially launched in India on October 1st, 2022, the all-new sport meets lifestyle silhouette will be available in a warm-toned Desert Grass, with new colorways and patterns to come

Since its inception, Crocs has always maintained an open and inclusive attitude paired with unique innovations to bring to life new and disruptive products to consumers. As we look ahead, the brand is focused on driving longevity and introducing novelty into core collections to meet demand more effectively and truly offer consumers endless opportunities for self-expression.

The new Classic Mega Crush Clog is priced at XXX and available on 17th October 2022 while the new Echo Clog is priced at XXX and available on 1st October 2022. Both silhouettes are available for purchase on XXX channels. For more information, please follow Crocs official Facebook and Instagram accounts.