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This article discusses some of the most cutting-edge technologies available today. 2022 will be the year of custom software development.

The world is changing rapidly, but the high-tech market is moving twice as quickly. As a custom software development business, Fively makes every effort not just to produce high-quality products that meet our clients’ objectives, but also to do it utilising the smartest and most advanced technologies possible, exceeding their expectations.

Today, we’ll discuss the high-tech solutions and agile processes that we’ll employ in 2022 to produce software for our clients:

Cloud Computing

The subject of migrating desktop-based software to cloud computing platforms is critical for many small and large businesses, therefore reengineering and digitisation services are in great demand on the market. Our custom software development services include migration to AWS or Azure cloud servers, as well as the relevant code refactoring and encapsulation work.

We also design remote expert solutions and single-instance cloud solutions from start. Shifting to the cloud provides our clients with far greater scalability, operability, and transparency over data resources, as cloud data is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is completely safe.

Cross-platform Scalable Solutions

Our engineers like developing novel solutions for both complex and routine jobs and putting them to the test in a variety of scenarios. We use what we’ve learned in other industries once we’ve found the perfect solution. For example, we gathered all of our unique react material UI components and styles into one Figma kit and made them available for free. To produce one of the greatest custom webinar systems, we used all of our collaboration platform development processes and front-end experience. WebinarNinja.

We identify the best technological solutions in every scenario by keeping our thoughts open, which means keeping operability and further scalability of our products in mind, ensuring that our clients get the most out of their investments and reap the full benefits of bespoke software development by Five.

Big Data

The amount of data in the globe is increasing at an exponential rate. People have only created 0.5 per cent of a zettabyte of data in 100,000 years, according to Eric Schmidt, Google‘s former CEO, and it now takes us only 2 days to create that amount. Software developers use it to create mathematical analytics programmes that filter large data marts into usable data. Big Data is the name of this technology.

It enables businesses to make better decisions faster and more accurately than ever before, and it is used in our software development solutions, such as a custom CRM for a European mobile charging provider, to optimise production and streamline overall operations.

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