Dastaan Hub: a brand content studio by the Association of Indian Magazines


Association of Indian Magazines (AIM) launches ‘Dastaan Hub’ that encapsulates the brilliance and strengths of Indian magazines to provide marketers with novel and advanced content marketing solutions.

Dastaan Hub is a collective work of publishers of well-known magazines to make the stories of brands alive with an end-to-end, customized, 360-degree content marketing strategy.

Dastaan Hub, the first of its kind initiative, assembles the creativity of over 125 magazines titles, their websites, and digital media assets to make them accessible to over 150 million Indians.

The mega content marketing studio offers brand marketers a pool of content marketing opportunities and solutions from magazines spread across different languages, demographics, formats, and interest groups.

The brand marketers are offered innovative and appealing marketing techniques for narrating compelling brand stories. 

These could be anything from vanilla display advertising to producing gripping content that can hook the attention of the audience.

The leading publishers in Dastaan Hub include India Today, Outlook, The Week, Malayalam Manorama, Network 18 magazines, Business World, etc. 

These magazines, published in 10 languages, are accessed in a print medium by almost 50 million people and digitally by over 100 million.

B Srinivasan, AIM president, commented with delight about the formation of Dastaan Hub. He said that the publishing team of each magazine can foresee the readers’ emotional mindset and consumer interests.

It is the inherent strength of the magazines for partnering with brands to create appealing brand stories.

Manoj Sharma, CEO, Publishing, India Today Group, further added that branded content of Dastaan Hub would follow the global ethical guidelines of content marketing.

Shripad Kulkarni leads Dastaan Hub with an experienced team to render brands with stories in multiple formats like Articles, contests, video, fblive, Panel Discussions, etc.

The industry veteran Shripad Kulkarni has formulated a 3-step process to explain how Dastaan Hub will progress. 

The first step is studying the category and brand challenges. Secondly, the content marketing team will tailor the idea as per the client brief to make engaging content. The third step is the O2O delivery plan. It is an online to offline media delivery plan.

Dastaan Hub becomes a platform where different brand stories are recreated into various regional languages and cultural scenes. It enables customers to connect with multiple brands.

Pawan Sarda, Group CMO of Future Group, commented that the Dastaan hub “is a good single window opportunity. It connects customers across the length and breadth of India.”

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