Data science future jobs, salary and scope post Covid-19


World economy is in a serious recession and unemployment rate is increasing day by day because of the spread of Covid-19. The job market will see a big change after this initial onslaught of Covid-19, because the nature of the job and the scope of the job will change in the upcoming digital economy. Data science is now a common jargon in business world and has a great scope in the future.

Data science is the combination of various tools, algorithms, logics, AI and Machine learning principles with the objective to understand and discover patterns in a raw data. A data scientist is a person who extract meaningful information from the data using statistical, machine learning and AI tools. Data science help in predicting future behaviours and patterns and helps in problem solving and decision making.

Data scientist job requires technical as well as non-technical skills. Technical skills include Python Coding, SQL database, AI and Machine learning tools and Data visualization. Non-technical skills include communication skills, Team work and Intellectual curiosity. The application of the skills varies with industry needs and since this is a new job, various universities across the world are providing courses related with Data science.

The demand for data scientists is increasing with the developments in tech world, as In India about 1.5 lakh opportunities are available in this field. US, Australia and European nations like Switzerland and Norway are the top countries for data science jobs with very high salary packages. About 70% of the data science jobs are handling by employees with less than five years of work experience.

After Covid-19 the demand for data scientists will see a surge. Energy, e-commerce, media, healthcare; the scope of Data science spread across various field. Here are some companies offering data science job with good remunerations;

Apple – Apple Inc. is one of the largest technology company in the world with a net worth of $1 trillion. It is a software and hardware developer and owns a good position in the digital world. Average salary offered for a data scientist in Apple is US$100,000.

Google – Google is the largest search engine operator in the world, a big tech company from US and the developer of Android operating system. It offers various advertising and web applications. The average salary in offered for a data scientist in Google will be US$62,000.

Zoom – Zoom is cloud platform for video, phone and content sharing runs across mobile devices, tablets and desktop systems. The average salary offered in Zoom is US$111,000

Other companies offering good salary packages for data scientists are; Conch technologies, Snowflake, Jobot, Bayer and the list goes on. Data science can give a bright future and good career growth. That’s why it was termed as the “Sexiest job of the 21st century” by Harvard University.


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