DeerDost: first adult virtual avatar by Plutoverse


Plutoverse declared to launch DeerDost, its first virtual avatar for adults. DeerDost is an animated web series exclusively made to showcase the lives of adults.

Plutoverse is an Indian avatar technology firm. Its mission is to make India Metaverse ready and produce a unique virtual identity for each individual.

DeerDost is based on a futuristic version of Mumbai that is polluted and degenerated by societal corruption.

DeerDost web series explores the life of GenZ affected by mental health struggles, emotional imbalances, and how adults deal with different psychological emotions like depression, anxiety, and anger.

The web series exposes the whole scenario in a humorous and stirring way using the sci-fi action-comedy adventure.

The story is set in a virtual world and revolves around DeerDost, a perfect example of 20-year-old Mumbai.

He engages with his friends and lives in the virtual world. But, for eighteen months, the only way he could watch the world was through the screens.

Now, after stepping out from his private zone, he is thunderstruck to see the world around him under the grip of an even worse disease – the loneliness pandemic.

In the future, the audience can experience the loneliness, dilemma, and panic of Gen Z through AR and VR technologies.

The company focuses on generating a metaverse of homegrown virtual avatars that corresponds to the country GenZ.

Plutoverse is a union of exceptionally talented and ardent misfits. This unnatural collaboration is the driving force that creates Avatar Metaverse like virtual avatars, virtual avatar-driven stories, brand & celebrity virtual avatars.

Prashant Sharma, the co-founder of Plutoverse, stated that GenZ should be involved in conversations with advanced tools and technologies like artificial intelligence, synthetic media of storytelling, virtual influences, etc.

These new methods can manage intrinsic topics like mental health in an effective way than counseling.

DeerDost has the potential to bring that spark which the future audience is awaiting. They wanted to experience and be alive in the story.

The future projects of Plutoverse are to generate virtual versions of Bollywood and sports icons. India is waiting to see the company’s various reference points like NFTs, animated shows, digital goods, virtual concerts for the virtual avatars.

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