Delectably digital: IG International’s My IG app receives fabulous response within a week of its debut

  • My IG app has added a digital domain for India’s leading fresh fruits importers to deliver first-rate fresh fruits
  • The app has registered 100+ downloads since its debut
  • IG International has recorded a sales of INR 1 crore in just 3 days post the launch of My IG app

8th February, 2022: IG International, one of India’s leading fresh fruit importers, has received a tremendous response on their newly launched app – My IG app, hitting 100+ downloads within a week of its digital debut, while the sales have soared with the cash register hitting INR 1 crore in just 3 days post the launch. The app was launched on 29th of January, 2022, in Mumbai. The app can be downloaded on the Play store and App store for Android and iOS respectively, while also being available for access on the IG International website. The app would be the home to IG International as its interactive and operational digital asset wherein it will aid the company to deliver first-rate fresh fruits from around the world to people’s doorsteps via the My IG app. The app currently delivers within Mumbai only.

By ingressing into the digital domain, IG International is now offering palpable convenience to all its stakeholders, including wholesalers, street vendors, distributors, and consumers. The app is powered by a very easy-to-use interface, engineered meticulously to provide simple usability. Embedded with fluid interoperability within its environment, My IG app accommodates digital payment merchants like PayTm, GPay, and PhonePe for seamless transactions. The application platform contains access to the full stack of fruits imported by IG International—around 35 different varieties. The ambrosial fruits from around the world will now be just a tap away from blessing your bowls. My IG app will be bringing some of the IG favorites like apples, citrus range, grapes, kiwis, plum, avocado, blueberries, cherries, and the dragon fruit straight to your doorstep.

The My IG app mirrors IG International’s stupendous work culture, integration, and efficiency. It is an exemplary model of symbiosis between the offline efficacy and the digital resourcefulness that is a paramount possession in today’s high-octane D2C space. The company’s ingenious corporate team, enterprising marketing team augmented by the titanic distribution capacity provides the quintessential arrangement for streamlined flow of fruits imported from 22 different countries.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Tarun Arora, Director of Finance and Operations of IG International, said, “Our commitment to delivering delectable and fresh fruits from around the world has come to a point of realization with the launch of the My IG app. We have been overwhelmed by the grand response from the various IG stakeholders. My IG app is providing a synergy of digital convenience streamlined with our distribution channels to reach various people. This palpable power to interact, order, and engage with IG International can now be enjoyed by all our stakeholders through the app. I can’t wait to see more people enjoying their favorite fruits, delivered to their table by their favorite and trusted brand.”