Design Ideas for small kitchens


By Ms. Dhvani Bhatiya and Ms.Rhea Jacob Eapen the founder of Design Attic

Contemporary spaces call for optimum utilisation of space, and there are splendid options to curate a space that ensures maximum utility. Especially kitchen spaces can be done up in a manner that serves storage as well as convenience. The wide array of options available for doing up a kitchen today will leave you spoilt for choice, as you most definitely will want to incorprorate all the life changing design ideas that make your life super simple in the kitchen. 

Pocket doors – To begin with the latest trends in kitchens, pocket doors have to be on top of the list. These doors are regular openable doors, that have a slim long niche (pocket) right beside the hinges, in which the door is pushed in. The doors easily glide in on giving a simple push, to open up the entire storage unit. This works well to store crockery and glassware that is not in daily use. You can open it up and use it as a lovely showcase of your lovely collection of chinaware while entertaining.

Magic Corner Hardware – This is another life changing invention that utilises every inch of your space. It is basically for those corners of your kitchen which you may not be able to reach and which might be partly dim to clean. They are moveable shelves that can be slid in and out on their sliding mechanism under the blind corner of your kitchen counter. It is a great option to utilise the blind corners of your kitchen and also keep them clean.

D Corners Hardware – These are essentially the same as the magic corner hardware, only engineered in a semicircle structure, for it to move around the centre. It is movable around the pivot and can also be extended when it reaches the accessible corner of the storage unit. Equally efficient in storage and usage and an equally great option for those invisible and inaccessible kitchen spaces that must be used up!

Folding breakfast table – A concept that works best in island kitchens – you can have a foldable platform that can be extended for breakfast or other meals. It is extremely convenient for service during a quick bite or snack. Quick as well as quirky – this is one of the most fascinating kitchen trends thats topping the list!

Top lift shutters – For easy accessibility of ingredients while cooking – you must have top lift shutters for the doors not get into your way. Bi fold shutters are an even better option – they are shutters that open upwards, but fold up so that they don’t get in the way of your meal preparations. 

Hidden storage – While the walls of your kitchen counter can have fancy finishing – you can create a hidden niche that is camouflaged with the same finishing, or simply have a niche in the wall to accommodate day to day ingredients or kitchenware that are required for cooking, chopping or cleaning. You can even have simple racks or shelves above your kitchen counter to keep daily items in use. Using more drawers for better storage and efficiency in the kitchen is key. Thats where all your utensils go. 

For smaller kitchens – sliding main doors to enter the kitchen work best, and planning an effective chimney and exhaust is crucial in order to avoid stuffiness. Try to boast your crockery and cutlery out in the dining area if space permits in order make more space for kitchenware in the kitchen itself. 

Planning the kitchen in advance to allocate storage units is integral to be able to incorporate these amazing fixes to your good old kitchen challenges. Integrate these viable utility solutions and make all your storage issues disappear. Remember, your kitchen Is where you spend most of your time working – its best to optimise every inch of it!