DeVANS beers win international recognition at Brussels Beer Challenge 2022

Brussels Beer Challenge 2022
Brussels Beer Challenge 2022

Indian brewery DeVANS has recently won international recognition for its beers at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2022. Kotsberg Pils, the light lager, won the gold medal in the lager ice category, while Six Fields Cult, the Belgian-style strong wheat beer, won the silver medal in the Dubble Wit category. This competition is prestigious, with a panel of 85 independent beer critics from 20 different countries judging over 1,800 beers from around the world, making the wins even more significant.

The Competition

The Brussels Beer Challenge is a highly respected competition with breweries from countries such as Belgium, Italy, the US, France, Brazil, Germany, Japan, China, and India all taking part. The competition has been held annually since 2011 and aims to promote the brewing industry’s diversity and excellence. The fact that Indian brands, such as DeVANS, outshone other international brands in this competition is a matter of great pride.

DeVANS Beers

DeVANS is a family-run brewery that has been in business for over 60 years. It is known for manufacturing quality beers and recently entered the single malt segment with its Gian Chand Single Malt Whisky launch, which is also winning accolades. In addition to Kotsberg Pils and Six Fields Cult, the company also manufactures other award-winning brands, such as Godfather Legendary, Six Fields Blanche, and Six Fields Cult.

Godfather Legendary is the most-awarded Indian beer and has won gold awards regularly in all blind-tasting events in the country. It has won gold awards for the last three years at the Spiritz Selection Awards, a blind-tasting competition organized in New Delhi by India’s leading alco-bev magazine Spiritz. Godfather also won the gold award at the Beers of India Awards in Bangalore in 2022.

DeVANS’ Quality Control

DeVANS is committed to producing international quality beer in bottles, cans, and draught beers in 5L party and 30L kegs. The company’s beers and spirits are produced under strict quality control parameters under the guidance of professionals who are experts in their fields of operation. The brewery exports its beers to the US, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries.

DeVANS’ Success

DeVANS has regularly won accolades for the quality of its beers, but the recognition received at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2022 is especially significant. DeVANS’ Managing Director, Prem Dewan, expressed his excitement about the award, noting that it is special to have homegrown brands stand tall among global players in the segment. With DeVANS winning awards regularly, it is a matter of pride for the Indian brewing industry.

In Conclusion

DeVANS’ recognition at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2022 has brought great pride to the Indian brewing industry. The company’s commitment to producing high-quality beers and spirits under strict quality control parameters has earned it a reputation as a leading liquor house in India. DeVANS’ continued success in brewing and distilling quality products is evidence of its passion for the industry and its commitment to producing beverages that are enjoyed by people around the world.

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