Digital Ad Slowdown For Publishers Down South

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According to TAM data from April to July this year, the shift for publishers in the South Indian markets was different from the national trend, but the coming festive season could bring in some cheer.

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, the digital publishers in South India saw a downward trend for digital ad insertions from April to July. The lockdown had made people remain inside the home and from there they are searching for their needs. However, things are expected to change in the future. Onam is an official state festival of Kerala and it is celebrated with happiness and love.

During this pandemic, Onam will bring many needed cheers to business and the economy in Kerala. Many offers and discounts during this season will attract more customers which may help businesses to earn more revenue. The revenues have mainly come from essential goods, education, and financial categories, but now it is beyond that, there has been an increased interest by the auto, retail, and jewellery across the traditional and digital medium.

The share of regional digital advertisers saw insignificant growth in July 2020 in comparison to April 2020. The ratio of regional advertisers to national on south web publishers went from 82:18 to 81:19 from April to July in 2020. Among the highest 10 regional categories on Digital, 4 were from the education sector and three were from the retail sector. the highest 10 regional advertiser categories accounted for over 80% of total ad insertion volume.

Life insurance was the highest category with a 13% share of digital ad insertions among south web publishers. the highest 10 categories on digital had over 50% share of total ad volumes. The education and finance sectors controlled the list of top 10 categories. However, over 30 categories and 1300 plus brands advertised exclusively on digital during July 2020 compared to April and should this year.

“Onam will bring in the much-needed cheer to the economy in Kerala. During the Covid-19 lockdown months, the ad revenues mainly came from essential goods and financial categories. But since the past two weeks, there has been an increased interest by the auto, retail, and jewellery across the traditional and digital medium.” TAM Media Research said.


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