Digital Campaign: Reliance General Insurance


Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd, India’s 4th largest private general insurance company, has launched a digital campaign called #CarKaYaar across all digital platforms to reinforce brand positioning as a ‘need-for friend’ for auto insurance customers.

 Created by the ^a to m network, the campaign highlights through an animated series of six films “RGICL will always take care of you and your car, no matter what”.

Using RGICL’s lovable BroBot brand face in unusual situations, the campaign uses a humorous and unconventional method of storytelling to convey its message.

Reliance General Insurance Company Limited is an Indian private insurance company and a part of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, wholly owned through Reliance Capital.

The Gross Written Premium for the year ended 31 March 2021, was at ₹8,405 Crore with a distribution network composed of over 129 branches and more than 52,595 intermediaries

 Explaining the idea behind the campaign, Anand Singhi, Director of Distribution, Reliance General Insurance, said: “Traditionally, the insurance industry has always been filled with serious stories about care, security, and more another love story.

 With the #CarKaYaar campaign, we tried to break the monotony and communicate our message in a new way with a bit of humor and eccentricity.

 “The insurance industry has evolved a lot in recent years, resulting in changes in customer insurance requirements.

 RGICL has always strived to meet the growing needs of its customers with innovative product offerings such as redesigned add-ons and improved features.

 Addons are an essential component of an auto insurance policy that provides additional protection.

 “People can choose the right add-on products based on their insurance needs. However, there is still a lack of awareness.

 With this campaign, we tried to raise awareness about auto insurance supplements and how they can provide financial protection against different types of damage to autos,” Singh said.

 Yash Kulshretsha and Ananda Sen (CCO and NCD respectively) of ^a to m, said, “The auto insurance journey is filled with doubts and skepticism from customers.

 The fear of not having something to cover in an accident is more important than the accident itself. We decided to point out that with a series of movies titled “No matter what happens to your car, you can always count on your #CarKaYaar. “

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