Digital Refresh Networks enhances BMW Motorrad Sales in India


Recently, BMW Motorrad, the two-wheeler company of German luxury carmaker BMW, announced a rise in its revenue, which is perceived to be one of India’s highest sales ever. Digital Refresh Networks that help develop and expand digital products and companies are closely connected and provide resources to strengthen BMW Motorrad’s online commitments by combining research and technology. The only creative and communications firm on board with the brand has definitely come a long way with this relationship. They believe in not only giving their consumers a solution but also helping to amplify the growth of a company.

Digital Refresh Network, which is formerly known as Digital F5, specializes in social media marketing, search marketing, web marketing, video marketing, and augmented reality. It facilitates the distribution of brand goals through connectivity and commerce software, audio-video components, and personalized interactive solutions on the internet, smartphone, and social media. The organization has been financially assisted by TIW Private Equity.

Mr. Shivapada Ray who is the Director of BMW Motorrad India said that the success of BMW Motorrad was excellent as it was a challenging year. They are delighted to be working with their digital marketing affiliate, Digital Refresh Networks, which has further allowed them to have a fantastic year. He also said that with skills and experience in the creative and digital realm, in an otherwise challenging year, they have helped the brand to step forward and produce results. With them, it was a wonderful ride over the years.

Barin Mukherjee who is the CEO & Co-Founder of Digital Refresh Networks said that they are proud to be affiliated with BMW Motorrad and deliver their innovative and digital solutions that are optimized. Since the start of business in India, they have been with the brand. They also developed and conducted a strong digital strategy over the year with their team of domain experts, driving online discussions and enthusiasm for BMW Motorrad, eventually culminating in sales. It is equally an accomplishment for them to be part of this excellent brand development in a pandemic-affected year.

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