Disney Star celebrates Pride month with #MixItUp campaign


We live in a world full of colour and all shades together make the rainbow. Man, Woman, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and a plethora of shades define us. The world and India have been waking up to the need for celebrating diversity and expression, demonstrating respect for every individual, and affirming individual choices and the right to be who they want to be.

Disney Star recognizes and appreciates the need for creating a more inclusive world. To celebrate the Pride month of 2022 lyrically, Disney Star network has launched a powerful music video. To open conversations, the network ignited the idea of pushing boundaries symbolically – and inspiring everyone to consciously make space without prejudice and make the world even more beautiful.

The campaign video features a bunch of real people with real stories and true love in one space, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Some were outstanding singers, some were great dancers, and we mixed it all up.

The result was a loving message that encourages each one to open their hearts to everyone. After all, a world full of love makes room for everyone.

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