There is a lot of gossip in the media space, given aired prophecies and blockbusters to draw viewers. It’s weird to predict correctly and bet on it.

In early 2020, when about $250 billion had disappeared, Thomas Carter publicly saw an increase in the total volume of the encryption market. This kind of prophecy is not an unscrupulous attempt to get more interest paid by supporters. Instead, the result of a well-thought-out process saw the problems faced by traditional markets and how cryptography became the answer people turned to at the time.
The same approach Carter took in the retail world. Seeing the school’s traditions and driving technology, Thomas founded DealBox and put himself at the forefront of the smart band competition, building a better platform of international financial records. and investment management using Tezos technology (XTZ) DealBox gives buyers and sellers a share, in the first class in the line.

Thomas Carter is now playing on what he thinks is more useful than anything he has been involved within the last 30 years at FinTech, Digital Names have developed a technology to transform the 30- to 50-character complex-wide wallet key in a readable, easy-to-remember format. What Digital Names were created for e-wallets to send or receive cryptocurrency similar to the Domain Names created for Internet websites in the 1990s
It can eliminate the problem of long cryptographic keys that cannot be remembered and encrypted for use during the most important transactions, but can only use domain names like www. website and get to the desired location. Thomas Carter, the only person to correctly predict the market capitalization of multibillion-dollar encryption, said: “DigitalNames is in a high position to help drive widespread adoption of blockchain numbers and internet wallets and this is one of best investment opportunities we have ever seen”.

But Carter also says this business will be bigger than the Domain Name Service business, which currently generates about $6 billion a year. The success of Digital Names today is because its application is superior to cryptocurrency. It provides answers to real problems not just for cryptocurrency users, but for anyone using a digital wallet.

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