Dunzo Delivery’s impressive statistics of 2021


Although the concept of grocery delivery came late to the Indian subcontinent, almost everyone can agree that the grocery delivery business has taken off to great heights.

The Bangalore-based delivery platform has had a successful year to be proud of.

The online delivery platform has released information on what many Indians have ordered from the app this year. It is beneficial to read and understand the facts they have put out because people will have an idea of what India wants.

The app listed out what states ordered what items and in what quantity. For example, in terms of contraception, North India ordered a good quantity of ultra-thin condoms while South India ordered extra-time condoms.

Another fact in the same category shows that Delhi ordered more condoms than I-pills while Hyderabad ordered more I-pills than condoms.

The app also added that Delhi being adventurous, ordered vibrating rings twice as much as Mumbai did.

Another statistic reveals Chennai being cultured, ordered incense sticks four times more than party supplies while Delhi being the party land ordered party supplies twice more than incense sticks.

But those were not the only impressive stats. About 17,000 people ordered groceries worth Rs. 1 Lakh in a single month.

The three quickest deliveries were also recorded this year. An order of Duke’s club soda was delivered in 97 seconds. Good life’s toned milk was delivered to a household within 87 seconds and, a head and shoulder’s shampoo was delivered in a record 86 seconds.

Dunzo’s customers have saved cash by ordering through the app. Bangalore customers saved around 14 crores, Pune saved about 1.4 crores, Chennai saved about three crores, Delhi with 1.2 crores, Mumbai with 2.6 crores and Hyderabad with 1.3 crores.

The longest delivery of the app was also recorded this year when ice cream, was delivered to a household that was 34 KM away.

Another fact that caught eyes are that banana was the most ordered fruit in the country while onion, potato and tomato were the most bought vegetables. Coriander leaves went onto to bag the most ordered herb.

Chennai and Pune ordered more coffee than tea but, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai ordered more tea than coffee. Delhi and Gurgaon preferred idli batter over dosa batter but, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai preferred dosa batter over idli batter.

The most interesting and by far the most impressive stat was when a user named Vishaka from Mumbai tipped Rs. 42,995 to a delivery boy.

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