Edelweiss Mutual Fund illuminates the Wealth Creation Journey in its new Deepawali campaign


The film highlights the work which goes behind the scenes to create best solutions & give a smooth experience to investors in their wealth creation journey at an AMCs

Mumbai, 29, October, 2021:   For many across the world, last year has been one of the most challenging year – with the novel Covid-19 pandemic bringing lives and livelihoods to a grinding halt.  This led to many of the younger generation realizing the importance of investments and financial planning. The markets are always high and festive season sentiments mark an apt time to take these money decisions.  This Diwali, Edelweiss Mutual Fund launches a digital film which highlights how we work across functions to enable and empower investors in their investment journey.

Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO, Edelweiss AMC said, “The festival of lights – Diwali, illuminates every path in our walk of life towards prosperity. Edelweiss Mutual Fund team always comes together to give you a joyful experience. The season ushers to celebrate the joy, success in everything we do.”

The campaign portrays how each function works in detail to always ensure maximum joy and pride for investors. The right mix of ingredients in the right proportion when laddoos are prepared ensures the perfect balance of sweetness and health. Likewise, the Edelweiss Mutual Funds investment and product development team chooses the most appropriate ingredients to create the best product for you. The design of Rangoli by HR team showcases how Sales team helps to give the right shape to the right things at the right time. To save for the future and think long term, the compliance team measures risk and takes care to manage it, just like pouring equivalent amounts of oil in the Diya to protect it from the wind. Setting up, adjusting the kandeel around the house in today’s tech times, ensures the Customer Service team always gives you the best experience with the help of latest technology. The accomplished feeling of bringing out the best together always gives that festive vibe, like in the manner we put toran of fresh flowers to celebrate. The combined efforts of everyone empowers us to create every single day in everything we do.

Glowing the brightest and cracking the loudest, Edelweiss Mutual Fund and its team wishes you illuminating Deepawali and prosperous new beginnings.