‘Education for All’: BYJU’S announces its social initiative


BYJU’S, the world’s most valuable edtech firm, announced the release of its social campaign-‘Education for all’, with the goal of making interactive learning available to millions of children from underserved communities. The campaign aims at democratising schooling by providing fair access to quality and affordable learning resources for children from all economic backgrounds.

Being one of the world’s youngest nations, youth are the biggest capital of India. An investment in an educated mind is fuel for the prosperity of tomorrow in our world. The programme “Education for All” serves to provide students from underprivileged and economically disadvantaged communities with greater chances of social and economic mobility upward.

This project will fill the gap between education and digitality by making affordable schooling available to needy children. BYJU’S has signed MoUs with mission-aligned partners to launch the initiative — The American India Foundation (AIF), Magic Bus, Save the Children, United Way and Vadham Tea.

Byju Raveendran, Founder & CEO, BYJU’S, said at the unveiling of the social project, “This is a very wonderful moment for all of us at BYJU’S. We are united by the single goal of providing children everywhere with enriching learning opportunities and have always felt there is a profound need to bring about a meaningful shift in education in India by giving back. For ‘Education for All,’ we aim to ensure that all children have equitable learning opportunities and are committed to inspiring children across the world through our tech-enabled learning services. We are also delighted to have collaborators like-minded and renowned on this journey, as we move towards making interactive literacy available to more children.

“Education is one field that can be profoundly catalytic in its attempts to inspire and create change. Any helping hand can make a difference, and any single contribution can make a child’s content learning a possibility. Together I hope we should make learning open and inclusive,” added Byju.

BYJU’S has been able to solve the limitations of the conventional education system, conquer the challenges and change the learning needs of students around the nation since its introduction in 2011, with the assistance of technology. BYJU’S will begin developing and incorporating technologies for this programme to bring about meaningful structural improvements in education.


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