Eka Care: stands at the forefront to create a Digital Health ID


Eka Care, a health-tech platform produces a Health ID for the citizens of India. It creates a new chapter in the phase of the healthcare industry under the initiative of Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission (ABDM).

The initiative provides the public with a unique Digital Health ID which links the health records of the individual. It’s a big step in bringing a new health care infrastructure to India. 

Vikalp Sahni, CEO of Eka Care, said that individuals would be given free storage up to 10GB to store their health records. The vision of the company is to provide India with a connected healthcare ecosystem.

The initiative aims to ensure that the medical records of the individuals can be accessed only by their knowledge and consent.

It is working to create a PHR app as per ABDM guidelines which ensures that sharing of health records should be strictly consent-based.

The processes involved in creating the Unique Health ID include collecting the contact details of the individuals and basic demography and passed onto the ABDM system for further processing.

The ID is for three purposes such as identification, authentication, and maintenance of health records.

It uniquely verifies persons, authenticates them, and maintains the health records of individuals and their families. This new initiative is an effective method to monitor patients with chronic cases. 

The creation of health IDs at tertiary care can improve health outcomes and reduce the cost paid for their treatment. It has joined Masimo, Goibibo, Flipkart, Philips, etc. to increase the quality of health outcomes.

Eka Care becomes a game-changer as it can store the health records of almost 270 million chronic patients of the country.

The Eka Care app is available to more than 1.5 million consumers across 1500 districts in India in 12 different languages.

This new initiative by ABDM would open and expand new opportunities in the teleconsultation sector. This feature would enable doctors to supervise and evaluate the health care records of individuals residing in remote areas.

Another achievement of Eka Care is that it’s the first company to integrate with the CoWIN portal and offers services like vaccination slot booking, teleconsultations during pre and post-vaccination, easy downloading of vaccination certificates.

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