Embassy Group, along with YuvaLok Foundation and TAICT, inaugurates Skill Development Centre for Government School Alumni and their families in North Bangalore


Mumbai, March 21, 2022: Reiterating its commitment to aid the skill development of Government School alumni, underprivileged youth and their families by encouraging various skill-based initiatives, Embassy Group along with NGO partners – The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust (TAICT) and YuvaLok Foundation, today, unveiled a new Skill Development Centre under our flagship EcoGram program. Opened in Tarahunise, North Bangalore, the new centre has been equipped with vocational training programs intended to develop sustainable livelihood skills for government school alumni and their families.

Stemming from the constant lack of attendance in government schools and lack of sufficient skill training, many government school alumni struggle to find employment. Further, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they often find themselves stuck at home, with no opportunities to develop their skills. Aimed at combatting this challenge, the centre provides an array of numerous courses and programs. One of the courses offered is a 6-month tailoring program called “Threads of Life” that will equip trainees with the skills and certification required to join a garment factory or start a small tailoring business of their own, providing a sustainable income. Upon completion of the course, they receive their own sewing machines. Apart from this, trainees will also be attending workshops on health, nutrition, and other soft skills that will help them build their careers and will be useful in any job field they choose. The first batch of 12 trainees include alumni from Stonehill Government Higher Primary School, Tarahunise, and their relatives. 

Applauding the initiative, Ms. Shaina Ganapathy, Head of Community Outreach, Embassy Group, said, Embassy has been supporting Government Schools since 2012. As we look towards the future, we have increased our focus towards extending support for students after they leave Government Schools. We believe that investing in skill development programs and training youth, with the best knowledge and expertise, will lead the way for individuals who lack sufficient resources for learning. As a responsible corporate, we will continue to focus on programs that will facilitate skill development in India and overall youth training. This program, curated with the invaluable assistance from our partners TAICT and YuvaLok Foundation will support our nation’s efforts to drive inclusive growth, creating greater social equity and equal opportunities for all.”

Commenting on the inauguration, Mr. Sam Rajshekhar, Founder & Executive Director, YuvaLok Foundation, said, “Our aim is to make sure that every individual from the state is well equipped and trained with sustainable livelihood skills. With this agenda in mind, our foundation, along with Embassy, introduced a new development centre to support underprivileged people with appropriate training and build on their skill sets. The current program will help in fostering skill development in these times and in the coming future too.”

Ms. Sandhya, a trainee from Threads of Life program, said, “I was always very keen to learn tailoring and was looking for an opportunity. This is the right time for me to learn, start earning and support my family. I also have a dream to support poor families by helping them through this way.”

Skill development is a vital means of empowering the youth of today and ensuring them a secure future. With over 12 million people joining the Indian workforce annually, Embassy’s holistic plan is targeted at upskilling students from low-income households, landing them on better career paths. Embassy has been actively supporting the Bettahalasuru Panchayat since 2012, beginning with providing a new Government School building in the Tarahunise village, which continues to be adopted and maintained by them. Five additional Government schools in the Panchayat also benefit from holistic health & hygiene initiatives, including provision of health kits, awareness programs, comprehensive health screenings and treatments.

Initiated in 2016, Embassy and TAICT’s flagship sustainable CSR project, EcoGram, aims to create an ecologically sound replicable model Gram Panchayat to propagate sustainable waste, water, and soil management. With current operations spread across nine villages in the Bettahalasuru Panchayat, Embassy has invested nearly Rs. 1.8 Cr. over the last 4 years towards the de-centralised solid waste collection, and the day-to-day operations including door-to-door waste collection, utilities, equipment for waste segregation, the salaries of the staff and vehicles. To complement the solid waste management infrastructural solutions provided in the Panchayat, a strong emphasis is also placed on community engagement and awareness initiatives curated through women and children in the communities.