[Emerging Trends]Online Advertising Models


There are several forms of online advertising options available. Even though there are many non-paid advertisement options available, most of the internet marketers go for paid types of online advertisements because of the impact it creates. The following are the most popular  types of online advertising in 2012:

1. Pay per click model: In this model, the marketer have to pay for each click by the user which leads the user to the marketers website. This is the most common form of paid online advertisements.

2. Banner advertising: In this model, the advertiser creates some form of banners with attractive images and words and  advertise on different websites. when the user click on the banner it takes the user to the marketer’s website.

3. Newsletter advertising: In this model, the marketer can directly contact the consumer. The marketers buy space for ads in news letter. The ad will be in simple text like sponsors of the newsletter etc. this type of advertising helps the marketer to reach the prospective audience more easily.

4. Affiliate Marketing: In this model, the cost for advertisement is paid based on the performance. The affiliate is paid for the advertisement in the website only when the advertisement has lead the user to purchase the product of the marketer.

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