Emiza bestows digital authority to ANTS Digital


Emiza, India’s leading warehousing and fulfilment solution company has shifted its digital directive to ANTS digital. ANTS digital, a new age tech-led marketing agency. This agency will monitor the brand’s presence across all digital platforms such as media planning, digital creatives, content, social media, web and search engine optimization. Ants will be in charge of planning and executing new digital initiatives for the brand.

This agency intends to have strong brand visibility, drive management, and also to create an active follower base in the digital space through strategic planning and execution of campaigns. ANTS Digital will promote them in increasing digital awareness regarding Youva and HQ, various paper and non-paper products. The main objective of this partnership is to have engagement among the followers.

Navneet Education has launched ANTS Digital to persuade us into digital marketing communications, strategic planning of the digital campaigns, and creative thinking for its sub-brands such as Yuva and HQ. Youva is Navneet’s domestic stationery brand, whereas HQ is their company’s premium office stationery brand.

Ajay Rao, founder, and CEO, Emiza, said, “ We are kindly pleased to share partnership with ANTS Digital as our digital partners. In today’s world, online presence is not only to evaluate customer service. It’s also the face of the brand, that the audience overlooks and appreciates. We look forward to working closely with ANTS, to introduce Emiza in a whole new avatar. This could help to reach their innovations and creative communications, to the entire small and Medium Business in India. They would love to Evolve, Enable and Empower many customers and brands that they associate with.

Sanjay Arora, chief executive, ANTS, Digital Private Limited stated that Emiza is their leading player for third-party logistics, and also well-reputed in their Ecommerce and B2B fulfilment space. They are pleased to hand over their core strategic, creative, and digital services to Emiza. She could help them manipulate this into a digital engagement. Logistics and fulfilment provide us an important space to work on Digital platforms. The opportunities they bestow us help them to build an online presence for Emiza, which will open to new hopes and expectations.

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