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The early childhood and K12 education company “EuroKids” group now come with their new branding name Lighthouse Learning private Ltd, after they got an uphold in global investment firm KKR. Their primary aim is to give quality education with high standard teaching experiences in the simplest way.
From blackboard to e-class, the process of teaching has changed from time to time and it gained support in technical aspects too. Everyone is a student whether they are young or not and pedagogy is an enduring process of diffusion. The company is celebrating more than 20 years on this platform and they are the ones who come up with new standards in the process of teaching with technical gimmicks. They always give importance to not only the education part but also developing more skills in tutee and bringing them to the new realm of learning and they always tried to provide job and entrepreneur opportunities to the women.
“As we focus on emergent future, we are embracing change in the form of a new identity,” says the Lighthouse Learning Co-founder and group CEO Mr. Prajodh Rajan. The company offers quality education for 150,000 students every day; for more than 1200 preschool and 38 k 12 schools. They focus on bringing high-level education to the system.
“However, the greatest joy will always lie in witnessing how education ignites a sense of curiosity – not only in young minds but in the education community and in shaping who we are. Lighthouse learning will serve as a guiding beacon in setting new standards in education and driving new strategic initiatives for the organization. Like a lighthouse, we strive to guide our students towards being change-makers of tomorrow” Mr. Rajan completes his words. The company is excessively sure about the guidelines they provide, the impact gets back from the scholar and proved that education starts when one becomes curious to know.

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