SANDA joins the Women’s Education Project as an Ambassador


Simrita Dhillon’s SANDA, a leading market penetration company in the fashion, beauty, and e-commerce sectors, has been appointed an Ambassador for Women Education Project’s (WEP) Covid relief initiatives for Indian families. The project aims to support 273 teachers, alumnae, and their families in Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu who have urgent needs. Simrita Dhillon, founder of SANDA, will vigorously support the WEP’s Covid relief program through its network to raise awareness and funds for these Indian families.

Simrita Dhillon, Founder SANDA, Ambassador WEP New York, said. “I feel proud and honored to be an Ambassador for WEP, which has taken this great initiative to help the families in India,” Through these measures, I will be able to assist my country when it is in desperate need of assistance. We want to collect as much money as possible so that all of the needs can be met and that we can all work together to overcome these difficult times.”

The Women’s Education Project (WEP), created by ZOE TIMMS of New York, has documented 273 teachers, alumnae, and their families who have been impacted by sickness, death, or job loss. Even as the pandemic fades, these families will continue to face malnutrition, health issues, inadequate access to resources, and unemployment. Young women who were once willing to seek careers now have few options, according to the students and alumnae. Any of the participants are also migrant workers coming home.

WEP will provide sanitation, dry ration parcels, kitchen garden plants, poultry, and safety information to these five-member families for INR 2000 ($27.00) a month through its Covid 19-based initiative. It would also help these determined young women achieve financial independence. The young women will participate in WEP’s Ripple Effect Certificate Program, which will teach them how to make masks and sanitary pads, as well as provide instruction in sustainable practices (kitchen gardens and chicken rearing) and disseminate vital public safety awareness and livelihood activity skills.

The WEP funding will enable students to stay (remotely) enrolled in the WEP program and school/college; qualified students will relay COVID, kitchen garden, and poultry rearing information to defend and educate their families, neighbors, and communities; and kitchen gardens and live poultry will provide continuing sustenance and an introduction to entrepreneurial practices.

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