Jagran New Media enters into the gaming industry with Jagran Play


It is very exciting that the Indian gaming industry has come to a developing genre in our country. This young market was so much successful as India is one among the youngest countries as half of the country’s population is under the age of 25, two-third of our population comes under the age of 35 and availability of smart mobile phones at a low price.

It is estimated to have 3.4 billion gaming players from across the globe. This is even more than the total number of Facebook users (2.8 billion) on a global level. India is one of the top five leading online mobile gaming countries worldwide.

 For tapping this right opportunity, Jagran New Media, one of India’s fastest-growing digital news and information platform has recently launched their new site ‘Play.jagran.com’. They have introduced this site exclusively for catering to their audience who are especially interested in gaming. This platform has got different options for making it interesting for the gamers such as Single-player, real-time multiplayer, various tournaments etc. where they can play and win an instant cash prize.

 Other popular games like Snake and Ladder, Ludo, soccer etc. have been added to the platform and in the future, they would be adding more such interesting games to the platform. This platform also provides an environment for the players to connect with their friends as well as strangers for gaming. For providing the best experience Jagran has partnered with Kurate Digital Consulting. They have also partnered with Maxamtech Digital Ventures, one of the leading Technology Services providers for having a platform.

Xerxes Mullan, the founder of Maxamtech Digital Ventures shared that “We are so excited to be partnered with Jagran New Media. Our Gaming 360 platform aims to deliver a unique experience for our users through a wide range of games, tournaments etc.  As the number of users and the gaming industry grows, we continue to play a key role in providing the users with a customized gaming experience”.

As the Covid pandemic lockdowns extend the number of new users keeps on increasing as it provides the users with a home-entertainment. This initiative will reach out to more people who are interested in gaming and gets engaged with this new platform.

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