Error-Free Data in the Medical field with the help of Speech-to-Text


Real-time speech-to-text software Augnito probably helps in decreasing the human errors happening in medical data. It can also assist over 100,000 Indian doctors within the post-pandemic world to keep the data free from error. Experts commented most of the medical errors are caused due to a lack of clear communication and knowledge throughout emergencies.

In the current digital era, most of the entities such as start-ups, government bodies, and business enterprises are using electronic record-keeping rather than traditional pen-paper methods for data maintenance and creation. This helps in getting the right goals and utilizing the resources well. Kerala is one among the few states in India which have successfully stored medical details of over 2.58cr individuals by its ‘eHealth project’. There are several advantages for electronic health data, it will reduce medical errors, good patient care, eliminates inefficiencies, can save time. For the faster documentation of medical recordsa Mumbai-based clinical transcription company launched its medical speech recognition solution in India, known as Augnito. This helps medical professionals to complete reports with dictation.

Augnito is a cloud-based speech-to-text software managed by Artificial Intelligence(AI) which can convert human voice to written text in real-time. After installing Augnito medical professionals need to set up a profile as well as key details such as the user’s password and identification. When the software is open it’s free to dictate patient details and vitals, observation, medicine prescribed, through voice and software convert it into text.

It is a cloud-based software. As per a research report by 2018 Harvard, about 5.2 million medical errors are happening in India yearly. Introducing this software might positively change the medical profession. Nationwide Well being Providers (NHS), UK, for almost 20 years used Augnito ensures error-free documentation from affected person to physician.

As introduced by Rustom Lawyer, co-founder, Scribetech, Augnito established in India in January. Currently, 24 to 28 states are producing medical analysis by using Augnito. Medical doctors are finding it difficult to input information of affected persons as they are going through in-patient consultation. Augnito solves this problem and relieves the trouble requires while entering information in EMRs. With the help of Augnito doctors can produce two types the variety of reviews in an identical time.


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