Esper Career Day 2022: Esper accelerates its efforts to hire more women across verticals to promote workplace diversity

  • As a part of it’s DIEB initiative, Esper aims to increase the number of women employees by inviting those who want to start or resume a career in tech
  •  The career enablement event – Esper’s Career Day 2022 – intends to invite women from different backgrounds  and give them an opportunity to make an impact 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022: Making gender-inclusivity a priority, Esper, the industry’s leading DevOps platform for devices, has announced that the company will be hosting a recruitment drive – Esper Career Day 2022. Esper Career Day is a newly launched Career enablement IP to hire talent across verticals, and the first edition: WECareer (Women Empowerment Career) was launched on the occasion of Women’s day this year, which aims to hire women in tech and marketing positions.

Today, 10% of leadership positions in the company are held by women, and the company is delighted to see they grow and inspire their team members. As part of its diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiative, Esper India is looking to hire women who are passionate about tech and innovation to further increase its female workforce. The global pandemic has affected several lives and livelihoods. A lot of people – more women than men – lost their jobs. In fact, the data from the first lockdown in 2020 showed that 7% of men lost their jobs during the period compared to 47% of women. Therefore, Esper wants to ensure that employees feel a sense of belonging with equal opportunities. And, women should feel confident while coming back to work after a gap, motivated and encouraged to find a right fit for their career goals. 

Speaking about the initiative, Krutika Kage, Head of Operations, Spokesperson, Esper, said, “There has been an upward trend in women’s participation in the technology industry in India. Women are leading many strategic positions at Esper, they believe in themselves and the team they lead. And, we surely want more of such passionate Sheroes in the team to build, innovate and grow.

And we at Esper are committed to building a workforce full of opportunities for everyone. Furthering our goal of embedding inclusive practices across all departments, our initiative is about making the workplace more diverse. We believe in hiring a culture fit and giving opportunities to people passionate about their work. 

Esper Career Day is one of the first steps towards our goal to build a strong team of equal opportunities. We want to build managers who can be great leaders tomorrow and help Esper achieve its organizational goals.