ET Catalyse “Virtual Series Episode 23” to showcase the impact, challenges and innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies


New Delhi, Dec 22, 2021: ET Catalyse, the popular web show on consumer insights, brand talk and marketing trends, in its next episode (Episode 23) is all set to offer deep insights into the world of cryptocurrency in a two-part series, the first of which would be premiered on Dec 22.

Powered by Times Internet, ET Catalyse will also feature leaders from some of the biggest crypto companies in India and they would be sharing their insights on how cryptocurrencies have disrupted the financial ecosystem across the globe. The panelists would comprise Edul Patel, CEO & Co-founder, Mudrex; Gaurav Dahake, CEO & Co-founder, Bitbns; Sharan Nair, Chief Business Officer, CoinSwitch Kuber; Ramalingam Subramanian, Head of Brand & Marketing, CoinDCX; and Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO & Co-founder, Unocoin. They will discuss and dissect the USPs, challenges and opportunities of the cryptoverse and it will be followed by a fun rapid-fire round. 

The crypto special episode will be aired in two parts and will be hosted by Deepak Ajwani, Editor, ET Digital,  and Miloni Bhatt, Editor, Digital Broadcast at ET Spotlight. 

ET Catalyse brings panelists with far-sighted business vision and innovative ideas together on a platform for engaging discussions. The show has seen the best-in-class marketing minds engaging in discussions across multiple aspects of brand management, digital marketing, Ad-tech / Martech innovations and creativity disruptions. Now with the crypto ecosystem capturing everyone’s imagination, ET Catalyse is putting the spotlight on the digital financial ecosystem with its Crypto special episode. 

The insightful and interactive panel will focus on multiple aspects of cryptocurrencies such as: 

  • The size of the crypto market in India
  • Growth, adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies 
  • Marketing techniques and challenges of promoting Crypto
  • The future of cryptocurrency in India
  • Views on cryptocurrencies becoming common for peer-to-peer transactions and widespread transactions in retail and commerce.

Given the rise of cryptocurrency across the globe, the session is set to play an important role in clarifying crypto-related doubts among viewers and its future so as to help everyone to make an informed decision. 

Part 1 of the ET Catalyse Crypto Special will premiere on 22nd December 2021 here: