Evergreen Club asks #WhatsYourHealthy, this World Health Day


India, 6th April 2022: This World Health Day, Evergreen Club, the online community for older adults, has launched a campaign #WhatsYourHealthy. The campaign aims to highlight that every individual has their own version of being healthy. Being healthy looks and feels different on everybody and is a factor of a lot many things.

The digital campaign features a video with the young and the elderly engaging in different routines for a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the fact that there is no one version of being healthy. Even if we all started following the same diet and the same exercise routine daily for a whole year, we would all look and feel different by the end of it. Further, different stages of life, even different occupations, require us to change our lifestyle. As we grow older, it is important to listen, and observe how our body and mind responds to our chosen healthy lifestyle, and make changes accordingly.

Speaking on the new campaign, Tapan Mishra, Founder, Evergreen Club, says, “Everyone’s definition of a healthy lifestyle is not the same. The way you lead life, and the choices you make along has a direct effect on our mental and physical health. At Evergreen Club, we recognize that. I am happy when members choose the lifestyle routines as per their preferences. And that we are able to be their partners in this journey – be it stimulating the cerebrum or engaging the physical.”

Evergreen Club provides a variety of sessions that are specially designed for the overall wellbeing of older adults, above the age of 50, considering every aspect of healthy living, be it mental or physical. The experts and hosts of sessions on this platform are trained to keep reiterating to the members to listen to their body while they take in account the feedback from members to accommodate and change session routines.

Watch the campaign video here: