Evergreen Club encourages the elderly to share their #EvergreenDiaries


19 August 2021: More often than not, older adults are subjected to emotional and physical abuse, societal stigmas, clichés and stereotypes, leaving them with very little scope to express themselves. Ahead of World Senior Citizen’s Day on 21st August, Evergreen Club – India’s largest online community for older adults – has launched #EvergreenDiaries to encourage the elderly to share inspiring stories of their life, which brought them liberation, joy and healing.

The social media campaign aims to bring together stories of their struggles and griefs, overcoming them with determination and grit, and finally breaking barriers to lead a life of their own accord. #EvergreenDiaries aims to inspire more and more seniors to shed their inhibitions, liberate themselves from the dictating terms of society, and follow their interests and passion, despite their age.

Watch the campaign here:

Padmini Stump- https://youtu.be/i0zwer69n2U

Sapna Prasad- https://youtu.be/3l7cAKYQwl4

The campaign is being brought alive via a three-day Evergreen Carnival from 20th – 22nd August, where members of the virtual community will come together to participate in exciting events curated especially for them.

Speaking on the campaign Tapan Mishra, Founder, Evergreen Club said, “We strongly believe that age should not be a deterrent to how you want to live your life or define the purpose of it. In fact, the most evergreen years of your life could very well be in your old age, all you need to do is take the leap of faith to pursue your passions! Through our campaign #EvergreenDiaries, we want to highlight the sense of liberation and joy amongst the elderly when they follow their heart and live for themselves. We encourage them to come forward and share more such stories for others to draw inspiration from.


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