Extraordinary fragrances for extraordinary dads: Celebrate Father’s Day with Eze Perfumes

Father's Day with Eze Perfumes
Extraordinary fragrances for extraordinary dads: Celebrate Father's Day with Eze Perfumes

Eze Perfumes – Eze Man

This Father’s Day present your father with a beautifully crafted gift box featuring three perfumes that leave a lasting impression and carry heartfelt messages. This delightful set is a perfect way to indulge your father with Eau de Parfum (EDP) enclosed in an exquisite box, showcasing a magnificent design. It comprises three captivating, energizing, and refined fragrances that evoke cherished memories. This gift will be warmly received; spreading enchanting scents and uplifting vibes. The Eze Perfumes set includes three 30 ml bottles: Eze Surge, Eze Elation, and Eze Nomad. Each fragrance is unique in both its appearance and scent. Price: 1895 INR.

Eze Perfumes’ “Discovery M”

Eze Perfumes’ “Discovery M” gift set features a choice of four wonderful and distinctive aromas that have been specifically picked to complement various occasions and moods. This comprehensive collection makes sure that your father will discover a scent that precisely suits his unique tastes and style while being portable. A discovery box with a sophisticated appearance that includes bottles of four uniquely expressive EDP scents. (3 Man 1 Unisex). It is an excellent way to experience the range of Eze that makes for a charming present and doubles as a useful traveling companion. Price: 495 INR

Both the gift boxes are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Meesho, Smytten and ezeperfumes.com.