Eze Perfumes Celebrates Women’s Day with “Scented Chronicles: Celebrating Women Everyday with Eze”


 Eze Perfumes, renowned for its exquisite fragrances, proudly presents its latest campaign, “Scented Chronicles: Celebrating Women Everyday with Eze” in honour of International Women’s Day. This campaign embodies the essence of womanhood, celebrating the diverse roles and experiences of women worldwide through the evocative power of scent. 

In this enchanting journey of Eze’s “Scented Chronicles” campaign, we witness the transformative power of scent. The first scene introduces a young professional amidst the bustling city life. With a spritz of her beloved Eze perfume, she transports herself to a serene beach, reliving cherished moments from a past vacation, immersing viewers in the calming waves and warm breezes that evoke cherished memories.  Moving forward there is a creative artist in her vibrant studio, reflecting on her favourite Eze perfume, igniting an artistic journey that transforms a blank canvas into a masterpiece, with colours bursting to life fuelled by the invigorating scent. Lastly, a mother of two shares a tender memory while cooking in her kitchen, as her Eze perfume helps her keep calm and cheerful for her child even after a busy day.  A cup of coffee and her favourite Eze perfume transports her back to a special date night with her husband, where love and romance filled the air, capturing the enduring bond shared between them.

Through their shared experiences, they acknowledge the unique power of scents to evoke emotions and memories, ultimately celebrating the essence of womanhood.

Ms. Kanishka Jain, Director at Incredible Indriya, commented, “The ‘Scented Chronicles’ campaign beautifully captures the essence of womanhood and the many roles she plays, with the transformative power of scent. It’s a celebration of strength, creativity, and love, encapsulated in every bottle of Eze perfume.”

Join us in celebrating women everywhere this International Women’s Day by experiencing the enchanting “Scented Chronicles” film on our social media platforms. Discover the fragrance that resonates with your unique journey and celebrate the remarkable woman you are.

Link to the campaign: https://youtu.be/wHZJaV4oTK0