Facebook launches ‘More Together’ campaign with a new 7- minute-long film


The COVID19 scenario has severely affected the whole economy and yes, the manufacturing sectors and companies were hit hard. While the larger companies are gradually recovering, many small ones had to shut their business down and are struggling.

During this scenario, with the festive air of Diwali all around, brands, in their communication, had brought this suffering of small and local businesses through Social media platform and facebook’s latest advertising film is one such attempt.

Facebook had launched a 7-minute-long film that underscores the power of connections. It says that this Diwali, people can do ‘More Together’ than alone. . Throughout the year, Facebook had launched this film as a part of this ‘More Together‘ campaign.

The film captures the spirit of resilience of a 28-year-old woman Pooja (Didi) and how she helps sustain as many households as she can even in the hardships of the pandemic through her dairy venture. Her decision to hire more personnel, even when the business is not doing well, comes at a great personal cost. However, as the plot unravels, the ad picturizes the endless possibilities when people come together.

 Avinash Pant, director – marketing, Facebook India, said about the film that it is a homage to the unconquerable spirit of the people and the goodness they can accomplish by coming together. This ad draws inspiration from the stories of resilience and hardships people withstand and overcame by helping one another over the last few months of COVID. Through the film, Facebook aim is to showcase the journey India has taken over the last several months to evolve into a stronger self, TOGETHER.

Facebook joined hands with Amit Sharma ( the celebrated ad filmmaker and director of the National Award-winning films ‘Badhai Ho’ and Taproot Dentsu) to bring this story alive and in capturing the essence of people coming together on the platform.

Neeraj Kanitkar, senior creative director, Taproot Dentsu added that for this Diwali (the festival of prosperity) the company wished to narrate a story that captured and expressed the very essence of how Indians are facing this covid situation by coming together and selflessly going the extra mile to be there for others. He further adds that the film was inspired by and is a tribute to all those who’ve utilized the power of Facebook to intensify the good that is within all of us. It confirms the Indian maxim that prosperity grows only when it is shared with others.

Amit Sharma  sprinkled his magic dust on all aspects of the story, Over the four days of the shoot in Amritsar and adding delightful dimensions and textures to the story

The film thus captures the power of connecting people and coming together to help, support, and celebrate this Diwali with each other.


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