Fashionable & Free : Madame’s Ad Films Embrace Uniqueness and Empowerment

Fashionable & Free : Madame's Ad Films Embrace Uniqueness and Empowerment

Hyderabad, 9th August 2023: The fashion world is abuzz with excitement as the iconic fashion brand, Madame, has launched its highly anticipated ad films titled “Fashionable & Free.” These captivating ad films embodies  the spirit of freedom, expression, and empowerment through fashion, making a bold statement about individuality and self-discovery.

 Madame’s first ad film spotlights their core values of being “Bias-Free, Comparison-Free, and Judgement-Free.” In a society burdened by expectations and norms, Madame’s message emerges as a refreshing call to break free from conformity and embrace individual style without constraints. The stage is set for the premiere of the second ad film on 11th  August, revealing the essence of “Shackle-Free, Obligation-Free, and Baggage-Free.” This empowering film encourages the audience to liberate themselves from societal pressures and embrace fashion choices that allow them to soar with confidence.

Fashion is more than just garments; it is a powerful medium of self-expression and Freedom. Madame’s “Fashionable & Free” ad films encourage individuals to view fashion as a canvas for their own personal narrative, a tool to communicate their authentic selves to the world without fear or hesitation.

“We are absolutely thrilled to unveil our ‘Fashionable & Free’ ad films, which are a true reflection of Madame’s identity as a brand that celebrates individuality and freedom through fashion,” exclaimed  Sumedha Jain, Head of Marketing Communications, Madame. “Through these ad films, we want to inspire everyone to embrace their unique style, be bold in their choices, and feel empowered in their own skin. The ad film is available for viewing on Madame’s official YouTube channel starting 9th August, and fashion enthusiasts and admirers of the brand can expect to be captivated by the cinematic brilliance and powerful message these films convey. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and fashion as you witness the artistry and vision of Madame’s “Fashionable & Free” ad films.

For an enthralling experience, watch the film on  Madame’s official YouTube channel here:   Fashionable & Free ad film