Fast&Up becomes Mumbai City FC’s Official Sports Nutrition Partner


The sports season has begun and as a result many new partnerships are also happening. Quite a bit like  the importance given to the cricket matches, the company’s nowadays turned towards  other sports matches within which Football match comes next to the cricket. At this point, the globe is moving towards the event of immunity among the people, the famous brand which is associated with this category has come up with a fresh idea to ascertain its brand. They have partnered with Mumbai City FC’s as the official partner for the sports nutrition. In the match, the Fast&Up name will be labeled on the rear of the player’s jerseys and also inside the LED boards when the team plays the matches within the house state.

This is the 7th season of the Indian Super League in India and this partnership is for the 2020-2021 edition as the official nutrition partner for the team. This may is a strategic partnership as both the company’s headquarters and also the team are from the identical place Mumbai. This association of Fast&Up with one of the leading clubs in the football teams will help them to expand their brand and their products among an outsized audience. The firm shared that they are involved both within the game and also in the team’s initiatives as well as in their activities.

On this occasion of partnership, Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, CEO of Fast&Up said, “Our company is delighted and proud to be related to one of the leading teams of ISL as the nutrition partner. We are setting a secured place in Goa and also welcoming the return of sports to the country. We feel elated to be collaborated with the team coming from our very own place which follows and focuses on similar habits as we do on ensuring a nutritious lifestyle to remain strong”.

Mumbai City FC Co-owner Bimal Parekh on this note expressed a delighted feeling of getting a collaboration with the active nutrition brand “Fast&Up”. He said that the brand always focusses on delivering nutritious and healthy products to their consumers . We are happy to possess them as our official partner and collaborate with the corporate from our very own state makes us feel at home, he further added.


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