Festive Season To Revive Growth For Brands


                 Indian festive season is informally known as ‘Fifth Quarter’. This festive season begins in August and concludes by the end of the year at midnight.  For the marketers, this year the clock struck twelve early when the lockdown and pandemic destroyed markets and industries, transforming the world. Brands are expecting as there is a betterment in consumer confidence and the demand in the Fifth Quarter as they fuel up their marketing strategies to make a huge turnover.

               The advertisers are pulling up big budgets in campaigns in order to grasp the consumer’s attention and cash, as the marketing and advertising plans for India’s long season of cheer and commerce. The pandemic has altered all these plans, forcing them to rethink again. Marketers are using sharper and more adaptable strategies that can withstand current business difficulties.

                   During the festive period, almost every advertiser hope is high, the main factor of this player is that they get active only during this season, and should be prepared to face challenges said Shekhar Banerjee, head of West, Wavemaker India.

                        The lion share of advertising expenditure is with CPG, is now back to normal spending with supply chain close to 80% efficiency. The marketplace of e-commerce is still challenged by supply, but are now trying to restore them as normal delivery timeliness. As industry view is that we have now progressed beyond essential.  

                    Dentsu Aegis Network (APAC) chief executive, Ashish Bhasin, sees on a monthly basis the business is improving. Towards Diwali, the businesses might look better. The climate is in favor of this year which boosts the rural economy. In urban areas, many categories are saturated which seems the rural areas as a bet for the businesses. This could be in favor of the ad industry in the coming months. Usually, the business during the festive season the advertising industry comes to 40-45% of its annual business.

                              After four months of lockdown which locked many businesses are gaining back. The Omnicom Media Group’s OMD, chief executive Priti Murthy is expecting to close the year as they have planned. As there are positive transitions across the business. Their clients are accepting reality and trying to be more effective during this season.

                      In this season of great expectations, businesses are coming up with new products that suit the season. And are expecting a huge drive in the demand for these products. The product that serves new needs like sanitization and protection, health, and hygiene. The focus is to boost the demand in the rural areas of India than in urban areas. Soon e-commerce, consumer durables, auto, and FMCG will lead the way with increased marketing spends. Media and entertainment will come up with new content. The festive mix will add cricket along which will be a huge boost up.


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