FIFA World Cup to revive Global Brands in gloomy economy


June 5, 2014:  Brands were struggling to push forward the sales turn over and buzz in this sluggish economy. The Fifa World Cup has come in as a blessing for brands to create some positive vibe in the market. It is a perfect example of how consumer psyche changes when they are in a festive mood celebrating occasions like World Cup Football. It is more so for Football as it is one of the most popular game and being played in most of the countries. Hence global brands like Coca Cola, Adidas, LG etc are all gearing to leverage this football fever to promote their sales.

Coca Cola supplied around 10 million FIFA branded Cans and run a contest among the customers to collect maximum cans and win attractive prizes. These contests are going to fair well especially among the youth segment. More over Coca Cola has tied up with Football associations too to run these campaigns aggressively. The other segment which is is likely to get benefited is the TV. All TV majors like LG, Samsung and Sony have made special programs and campaigns to push their Sales in the next 30 to 45 days. In India they are targeting mostly the states which are known for Soccer frenzy like Kerala, Bengal, Goa and also North-East. Sony hopes to increase it sales by atleast 25% where as many others are expecting customers to move to larger screen models in this season.

Adidas and Puma are other brands who have aggressive plans around this World Cup event. Adidas has already made record sales in many team jerseys and there are even plans to offer drinks for those wearing team jerseys whenever that team wins. Though the real contest starts in 7 days, the fever has already stepped on to merchandise and retail side.



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