FITPASS Unveils Brand Film Series: Empowering Personalized Fitness in an Evolving World


India’s fitness and wellness giant, FITPASS, pioneers the concept of comprehensive fitness with an impactful brand film series, driving home the essence of adaptability and accessibility in today’s world.

India-wide release, 11th September 2023: FITPASS, the nation’s premier fitness and wellness platform, proudly introduces a dynamic brand film series aimed at promoting the concept of ‘Your Fitness Your Way,’ a flexible approach towards fitness and wellness. Comprising eight captivating films, this series underscores FITPASS’s dedication to transforming the fitness landscape, making it inclusive, economical, and personalized for every individual.

These films spotlight FITPASS as the ultimate fitness and wellness destination in India, championing a holistic well-being approach. The series redefines traditional fitness norms, emphasizing that fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all, needn’t be expensive, and shouldn’t be rigid. The films chronicle the daily fitness journeys of regular people, illustrating FITPASS’s diverse offerings catering to individual requirements.

The initial films spotlight FITPASS’ convenience, flexibility, and comprehensive services. The first film portrays the struggles of professionals to integrate fitness into their busy lives, showcasing how FITPASS empowers users to craft personalized fitness routines aligned with their lifestyles. The second film spotlights the importance of healthy eating, where users gain access to expert nutritionists for customized diet plans on FITFEAST, allowing them to achieve goals without sacrificing beloved foods.

The forthcoming six films, slated for release soon, will champion fitness democratization and highlight FITPASS’s adaptability. The objective is to motivate people of all ages and fitness levels to embrace wholesome habits and weave fitness into their daily routines. These films depict individuals engaged in daily activities, from office work to celebrations, dining out, and business travel, vividly demonstrating FITPASS’ universal accessibility to fitness.

Akshay Verma, FITPASS Co-founder, commented on the film series launch, stating, “Our brand films showcase FITPASS’s adaptability and versatility, reflecting our commitment to democratizing fitness. We believe that fitness is a personal journey, and everyone should define their own progress parameters. With FITPASS, we free you from unnecessary constraints, making fitness attainable without excessive effort.”

Accompanying the film series, FITPASS introduces the ‘Fitster’ community, a space where individuals actively pursue physical and mental fitness, irrespective of age, akin to foodies cherishing good food. This community acknowledges that fitness is personal, with distinct goals that shouldn’t be compared.

Arushi Verma, FITPASS Co-founder, elaborated on the Fitster community, saying, “Our brand films mark a pivotal moment. The Fitster community provides a supportive space to embrace personal fitness goals. A Fitster is anyone who desires to remain fit physically as well as mentally. They believe that everyone’s fitness regime, frequency, intensity, choice of workouts and diet should be as per their personal preferences and shouldn’t be compared or evaluated with the benchmarks set by someone else. With our films and Fitster Community, we aspire to inspire a flexible fitness approach for a happier, healthier life.”

The first brand film is live on the FITPASS website and social media platforms, showcasing the platform’s commitment to holistic fitness. Join the Fitster community now and embark on a transformative fitness journey.

Link to the initial brand film.